What to do when Cashmere is Pilling?

The outside of an article of pure cashmere has an almost invisible fluff. 

This fluff consists of a slight excess of precious fibers and, in the case of low abundance, as is the case with a first-class piece – represents one of its most outstanding features.

After a short period of wearing the cashmere shawl, the inest fibers come loose due to the repeated movements and touches. 

These fibers can also join together, forming unsightly nodules. This phenomenon is called “Pilling” and is considered normal when it occurs only slightly

cashmere goats
Cashmere goats in the mountainous regions of Kashmir

Using a pilling comb or pilling razor against pilling

If the cashmere sweater is pilling, one of the best solutions is using a pilling comb. With this particular brush, you simply go over the sweater several times and simply comb the loose fibers out of your favorite piece.

A pilling razor is a little harsher, as the protruding wool hairs are simply “shaved away” – but the result speaks for itself. However, you should just be careful and only gently glide over the cashmere without pushing up too much.

The loss of some fibers does not reduce the quality; there is still a sufficient number of them. After washing two or three times, the outer fibers are distributed, and the “pilling” is reduced to final disappearance.

Now the quality of the cashmere garment remains unchanged and becomes more durable with each washing.

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Lightly steam cashmere

The experience of many cashmere lovers has shown that ironing can also help when cashmere fluffs.

However, the wool should only be lightly steamed and not ironed very hot. It is the moisture that fights the knots, not the heat!


african american woman in cashmere sweater

Using the lint roller

A commercially available lint roller is, of course, just as effective. Gently glide over the wool sweater several times to pick up loose pieces.

Alternatively, if you do not have a lint roller at hand, the use of parcel tape is conceivable. Here, however, you should be extremely careful because: The adhesive effect is significantly higher. If in doubt, better to use one of the other options.

Remove pilling by hand

Of course, lint removal from cashmere can be done without any tools – at least without mechanical ones, because you need your hands and fingers. Simply take a close look at your favorite piece and gently pluck out the loose ends. This takes time, but it’s probably the gentlest way to combat pilling.

Small nodules are entirely typical with cashmere pieces, but the clothing no longer looks nice if they accumulate. It’s time to do something about it. What options you have for this, you now know.

Just pick the method that suits you the most, and don’t be afraid to try around a bit. Sometimes it just takes a little practice to get rid of cashmere lint quickly and effectively.

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