Merino Clothing
Merino Wool Cloth

Why Choosing Merino Wool?

Whether climbing the world’s highest peaks or expeditions into the Arctic Ice.

If people expose themselves to the most adverse conditions, then you can be sure that wool is involved in the clothing.

The Wool of the Merino Sheep is coveted as being particularly soft and especially warming. With hair only half as thick as that of normal sheep and a significantly stronger crimp, merino wool is pretty much the high-end version of all wool types.

Also because merino wool wicks sweat better than normal wool, it is extremely popular, especially with athletes, outdoor specialists and other adventurers.

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The most popular merino apparel

Merino wool has become indispensable, especially in the outdoor sector, and therefore it is very popular as a base material for a wide variety of garments. Among the most popular merino garments are:

Merino Jackets and Sweaters

A Merino Jacket is a sporty companion on mountain tours or simply in cooler temperatures. It keeps you warm without making you sweat.

Probably one of the most popular merino garments are Merino Sweaters or Hoodies. It is suitable both for putting on for cool days and as the first layer of the so-called onion look. Whether as a classic V-sweater, round neck sweater or hoodie – there is a suitable model for every taste.

Baselayer & Underwear

Merino underwear is especially popular for outdoor activities.

Whether as a Baselayer, Tank top or V-neck, a Merino T-Shirt is a stylish garment that you will look not only good in, but also feel comfortable even after long, sweaty activities

Classic Panties, Sports Bras and Long Ski Underwear are often made of merino wool. As the bottom layer of clothing, they keep you warm and dry. Another convenient feature is that you don’t sweat in merino ski underwear, and the material dries exceptionally quickly when wet.

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Merino Shirt
Merino Sweater

Merino hat

Merino Accessoirs

Whether hats, socks, gloves or scarves – everything that is important to survive the winter without frostbite – is, of course, also available in fine merino wool.

If you avoid wool hats because you associate them with an unpleasant itch on the head, you are right with a merino cap. The wool is too fine to scratch and keeps your ears nice and warm.

With merino gloves, cold hands are a thing of the past. Even in a snowball fight, the material still keeps you warm and does not feel clammy.

Merino Throws & Merino Baby Blankets

Warm, breathable merino blankets

Merino wool is a wonderful alternative for those who cannot afford or do not want cashmere. That’s because merino sheep wool is only slightly inferior to cashmere wool in terms of softness. It is also so soft that it does not scratch and also scores with other ingenious properties:

✓ Merino wool is dirt-repellent and also hardly absorbs odors.
✓ If the blanket should start to smell, simply hang it out in the fresh air
✓ A wonderfully easy-care material that feels pleasant on the skin

Make yourself warm and cozy and read on:

The unique Properties of Merino Wool

Merino wool is a natural product obtained from the merino sheep. The animals originally come from the North African plateaus of the Atlas Mountains and are now one of the oldest and most robust breeds of sheep in the world.

Merino sheep lived there under extreme, often adverse weather conditions. Therefore, they had to endure extreme temperature fluctuations from minus 20 to plus 35 degrees.

That is why they have a coat that is perfectly adapted to such harsh conditions. In the Middle Ages, the sheep finally reached Spain, where their wool was sold as the valuable “Spanish wool.”

Merino wool

Merino wool has proven its value, especially in the outdoor sector. Not only that, sportswear made of merino wool is extremely comfortable to wear and looks good. Athletes who choose Merino clothing benefit significantly from the following properties:

  • Merino clothing can absorb up to 30% of its weight in liquid without feeling damp.
  • The fibers have an antibacterial effect and can thus neutralize odors.
  • Merino wool is relatively lightweight, unlike other types of wool.
  • The material repels dirt and water, making it ideal for outdoor sports.
  • Even when wet, merino wool still keeps its wearer warm.

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