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Alpaca Accessoirs

Since alpaca fibers are super soft and do not scratch, especially scarves and hats are the most popular accessories from the fine alpaca wool. If you like to be cozy and warm around your neck without having an itchy feeling, an alpaca scarf is the best choice for you.

Enjoy the wonderfully soft feel of alpaca wool and spice up your winter outfit with the stylish accessory.

The light sheen of the wool adds a classy touch to any outfit.

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alpaca scarf

Chunky Pallet Hand Knit Alpaca


Infinity Alpaca Scarf

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Alpaca scarves- an exclusive selection

So that you too can protect yourself from cold temperatures by a fine, noble alpaca scarf, we have collected here a selection of some beautiful and exclusive scarves made of alpaca wool.

The warming effect is not to be despised, because it is 100% genuine alpaca wool, you will feel this clearly. Just convince yourself!

What to consider when buying an alpaca scarf.

An indication of the high quality is the label designation of the fabric. There are three different forms, all of which vary in softness:

  • Alpaca Super Soft (25.5 microns)
  • Baby Alpaca (22.5 microns)
  • Royal Alpaca (19 microns)

The lower the micron count, the finer the fiber and the softer your scarf will be. At least baby alpaca should be used for a scarf because alpaca super soft could possibly scratch.

Also, rely on your personal skin feeling! Test how the scarf feels in your hands and wrap it once around your neck. If it scratches, you should definitely choose another model.

Why alpaca scarves are so popular?

Alpacas are exposed to extreme weather conditions in the Andes and must be able to withstand both heat and cold. For this reason, alpaca scarves have particularly good thermo-regulating properties.

Due to their internally hollow fibers, they can store body heat particularly well, and yet no heat accumulation occurs.

In addition, they are dirt-repellent, they do not absorb unpleasant scents from the environment, they are soft and cuddly.

Prices for an alpaca scarf

The prices for alpaca scarves vary depending on the manufacturer and the fineness of the fibers.

However, on average you can expect to pay about $50 for a smaller scarf. For larger cape scarves you have to spend at least $100 if you want good quality.

Inca Fashions - Luxury 100% Pure Baby Alpaca


Ojai Scarf


Ojai Scarf


Reversible Cape


Zigby Wrap

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Combine alpaca scarves stylish

  • If your outfit is in neutral tones, choose an alpaca scarf in a striking color.
  • The same applies vice versa: with a colorful outfit, a neutral alpaca scarf creates a welcome calm zone.
  • A soft alpaca scarf harmonizes perfectly with equally soft materials.
  • A soft scarf also looks very nice with a rough leather jacket and creates a great contrast.

Natural Quality

Natural quality always proves itself. Soft and familiar, alpaca scarves feel almost like a second skin.

It warms on cold days and prevents heat accumulation in warmer temperatures. Due to their wool, alpacas can compensate for temperature fluctuations of -20 to +20 degrees within a day.

So your alpaca scarf not only looks timelessly modern but is also incredibly functional.

Alpaca Socks

Properties of alpaca socks

Alpaca socks are very insulating and up to five times warmer than virgin sheep’s wool. By the way, you can wear the socks all year round, because even in warm temperatures you will not sweat with them!

The fibers of alpaca wool are hollow inside and can therefore absorb a lot of moisture. But because they also contain special protein molecules, unpleasant odors are neutralized.

This property makes alpaca socks an ideal companion for outdoor activities, and the fact that the wool is very durable. So hikes, ski days and Co. are even more fun.


Alpaca Leg Warmers

Brushed Cable Leg Warmers

Brushed Cable Leg Warmers

Alpaca leg warmers are also very popular and a fashionable eye-catcher.

Practically, alpaca socks also do not form nodules. This so-called pilling effect tends not to occur with high quality. By the way, you can tell whether a pair of alpaca socks are good quality just by looking at the surface: socks made of good wool have a soft, slightly shiny surface.

Last but not least, the color selection of alpaca socks is also an advantage. Alpaca wool is available in 22 different natural shades.

From subtle gray to elegant cream tones to classic black, the material can come in various shades. This means that harmful dyeing processes with chemicals can usually be avoided!


Alpaca Hats & Gloves

Hats are real all-rounders. They turn any winter outfit, no matter how simple, into a real eye-catcher. Ideally, the matching cap is warm, comfortable to wear and also looks great.

An alpaca beanie fulfills all these criteria perfectly, and for this reason, we show you here an overview of the most excellent products and tell you what you should look for when buying.

Alpaca hats for ladies

If you would also like to enjoy a high-quality alpaca hat, we have selected a few models from our absolute favorite stores for you here.

Let yourself be inspired by our small selection:

What cap fits you best

If you have a round face, you should choose a cap that counteracts the round shape so that your face does not look wider than it is. Caps with a lot of volume on the top of your head are great, and it’s best to pull them into your forehead at an angle.

With an oval face, you can consider yourself lucky, because due to your balanced and harmonious proportions, all cap shapes suit you! Whether casual beanies, cute bobble hats or elegant berets – you can wear them all! You just have to make sure that the color suits you.

If your chin and forehead are about the same width, make sure to choose a beanie that softens your angular face shape. Great for you are hats with some volume like berets or chunky knit beanies.


Davos Hat

Alpaca coat 4

Blaine Hat

ALPACA Reversible Hat for Men

Reversible Hat for Men

Alpaca Rib Hat

Rib Hat

Alpaca hats for men

Our favorite stores also have some beautiful models ready for men. Take a look at our selection together with us:

Why should your new hat be made of alpaca wool? Well, there are some good reasons for that, which we will briefly summarize for you:

  • Alpaca wool is much finer than conventional sheep’s wool and does not scratch.
  • Besides, the fine alpaca fiber is exceptionally light and has a very low weight.
  • Despite its low weight, alpaca warms about five times better than sheep’s wool.
  • Due to its remarkable thermal properties, alpaca wool warms but ensures that heat does not accumulate.
  • Alpaca wool looks and feels luxurious.

alpaca gloves

Suitable for the alpaca hats, of course, there are also alpaca gloves. So that your hands do not freeze, these are the best companion for any outdoor activities. Here you will find a selection of gloves made of merino wool, which we can recommend.

Because of the enormous protection against the cold, they are also very popular with winter sports enthusiasts.
Alpaca gloves are helpful companions not only in winter when the days and nights get colder again but also in autumn when you don’t want to miss your outdoor workout on cold days.

When buying alpaca gloves, make sure that you are not too restricted in your freedom of movement – be sure to buy the gloves in the right size and ask for advice in a professional store.


Ricki Glove

Alpaca gloves Dixie Driving Gloves

Dixie Driving Gloves

Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber is divided into two main categories: Alpaca fiber and baby alpaca fiber. Baby alpaca wool is finer (about 22.5 microns versus 29 microns) and does not necessarily come from young alpacas but from the first shearing of the animal, which has a fine coat.

Baby alpaca is an extremely soft, silky and shiny fiber like silk. It is so comfortable that it can be worn directly against the skin. Baby alpaca is considered the softest and most prestigious natural fiber in the world. It is rare and accounts for less than 10% of the total world production of alpaca fiber. Baby alpaca is thus a luxury fiber that we have selected for you to enjoy in most items in our store.

Alpaca wool is clearly characterized by its seven times higher insulating power compared to sheep wool and its incomparable softness, close to that of cashmere wool.

Thus, thanks to its thermo-regulatory, this wool protects you much better from the cold, gently, without ever making you sweat. In fact, an alpaca must adapt to temperature variations that can range from -25 to 30 degrees on the same day. For this purpose, it has a coat composed of very fine and silky fibers that are particularly thermo-regulatory.

In addition, its high thermal insulation performance allows you to wear light and comfortable clothes while perfectly protecting you from the cold.

It is also incredibly light, comfortable to wear and respects the most sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. These are the reasons why NASA, at the beginning of the space conquest, equipped its astronauts with clothes made of this wool.

Alpaca is a very elastic fiber that allows our clothes and accessories to feel particularly comfortable and adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. It is an ideal wool to wear in winter, in the off-season, for hiking or winter sports.

Alpaca wool has a high resistance and is lint-free. So you can extend the life of your clothes and accessories and keep them in good condition much longer.

Soft like Cashmere | Five times warmer than Virgin Wool | Heat-regulating like Silk

Light like Down | Uncomplicated in Care | Suitable for Allergy Sufferers & Neurodermatitis

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