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Merino wool is not only used to make high-quality sweaters and T-shirts and functional underwear, but also jackets for cold days are often blended with the exclusive fibers.

Especially if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors in winter or are an outdoor athlete, you will appreciate the benefits of a merino jacket.

What types of merino jackets there are, what you should look for when buying, and current top products, you can find here:

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Types of merino jackets

Many people associate the term “merino jacket” with a pure wool cardigan but besides that there are other types of merino jackets.

Merino Hardshell Jackets

If you want to go on a ski tour, you are well-advised with a jacket that is made of merino wool on the inside and a sturdy Hardshell on the outside – there is hardly any better protection against wind and weather.

Merino Softshells

Softshell merino jackets also serve their purpose. They are also windproof, water repellent, and their moisture regulation is also excellent.
A classic merino Softshell is perfect for all outdoor activities such as longer hikes or ski tours.

Ladies Merino Softshells

Merino Hoodies

Merino Hoodie
Merino Hoodie red
Merino Hoodie blue

Why is merino wool often mixed with synthetic fibers in outdoor clothing?

A material mix with synthetic fibers can make the merino material even more comfortable on the skin, which is an option especially for people with a very sensitive perception of irritation. 

In addition, combining merino wool with spandex, polyester, or Lycra makes it even more durable and tear-resistant. In addition, merino synthetic fiber blends dry faster and improves moisture transport.

In addition to synthetic fibers, some manufacturers also rely on the combination of wool with other natural fibers such as silk or viscose. This can improve the comfort and stability of the fabric.

But of course, you can still find products made of 100 percent wool, especially in Merino Baselayer and Underwear.

Merino Softshells Men

Merino Softshell men
Merino Wool Softshell

Hoodies Men

Men's Hudson Trail Fleece

Merino Cardigans for Women

Cardigans are timeless all-rounders that should have a place in every closet. You can style a cardigan in a variety of ways, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Stylish combination

A very feminine combo is created when you wear a cardigan with a blouse, pumps and pencil skirt. A cardigan also looks excellent with simple jeans and a t-shirt look.

If that’s too conservative for you, combine the merino cardigan with leather – a pair of leather leggings with a beige cardigan is a sure eye-catcher. However, you should not overdo it with the leather. One or two pieces are enough.

Merino Sweaters

Merino sweaters are a dime a dozen because hardly any material is as versatile and popular as the merino sheep’s wool.
Whether long-sleeved – as a layer, as a cardigan, hoody, or classic with V-neck – there are no limits to the design.

Some merino sweaters even have a hole for the thumb in the sleeve or a zipper under the armpits to ensure even more functionality in the outdoor area.
Especially for outdoor clothing, merino wool is highly valued for its unique properties.

Merino Sweaters Women

V-Neck Sweaters

Merino Sport Hoodies

Merino Sport Hoodie
Merino Sport Hoodie

Merino Underwear

When it comes to quality in functional underwear, merino underwear is clearly ahead of synthetic fibers.

The high wearing comfort characterizes merino underwear. Its properties outshine those of synthetic fibers.

Here we show you the best products and what to look for when buying merino underwear:

 * Disclosure: Text links or some image links on world’s-finest-wool may be affiliate links. 

All our work is reader-supported – when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The decision is yours – whether you decide to buy something is entirely up to you.

Merino Sweaters

How can I save a shrunken sweater

Despite the fact that merino wool is very easy to care for, unlike other materials, it can quickly happen that a sweater washed too hot shrinks. However, with the following tips, you can help your sweater back to its original shape:

  • Dissolve a bottle of hair conditioner in lukewarm water and soak the sweater in it overnight. The next day, rinse it carefully and let it dry on a hanger. Then cover a cardboard box with a plastic bag, place a dry towel over it and stretch the sweater onto the box with pins. While doing this, pull it vigorously lengthwise and crosswise. Don’t forget the sleeves

  • Dampen the sweater really well with a spray bottle and stretch it to width. Then, it’s best to get another person to help you stretch the sweater while you dry it with a hairdryer. Then respray the sweater until it’s really wet, and then stretch it as it dries. Again, don’t forget the sleeves.

The excellent properties of merino wool

  • Merino functional underwear has an insulating and breathable effect at the same time – it warms, but you do not overheat in it.
  • Due to the fineness of the fibers, underwear made of merino wool is particularly skin-friendly.
  • Another plus point is odor neutrality. While you quickly start to sweat and therefore smell in synthetic fibers, merino fibers have an antibacterial effect that neutralizes odors. Even after several days without washing, no unpleasant odor develops.
  • The material dries much faster than synthetic fibers.

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