What to look for in children's clothing - quality criteria and tips on buying

Clothing Tips for Young Children

When buying children’s clothing, many decisive factors play an important role. Different criteria must be considered, not only the price is decisive.

Criteria for good children's clothing

Lively children are a joy, but the urge to move can be a test of endurance for the clothing. At the latest, when the dear little ones start to crawl, you must pay attention to the high quality of the pants.

The pants, leggings and tights should therefore be abrasion-resistant. For kindergarten or the playground, tear-resistant materials are essential. After all, children quickly get stuck on the slide or other playground equipment.

T-shirts, sweaters and jackets should be correspondingly robust.

Children’s clothing must retain its shape despite all these stresses and not wear out. In addition, it is particularly important that children’s clothing is easy to clean, dries quickly and, if possible, the play wardrobe does not need to be ironed to save unnecessary work. Finally, of course, the look also plays a decisive role.

For every season, there is new, top fashion children’s clothing that meets all the requirements of children and their parents.

youn children playing in robust cloth

Textile and design requirements

Children Textiles

Kid’s Wholesale Clothing textile and also design requirements are more strict than adults: both fine-looking, putting on as well as comfortable, the essential or kids’s garments top quality must be assured, can not harm the health and wellness of children.

Fabrics and also devices more and more emphasis on natural, environmental protection, for children’s skin and also body qualities, making use of pure cotton, polyester cotton, natural cotton, woollen, hair and also various other harmless materials;

Fashion is gone after on design, the prominent component such as pant leg of sequin, needlework, horn, flounce is all reflected somewhat on children’s wear design.

Youngsters garments appropriate usage tool lightness, bright-coloured and lively colour, as well as they are energetic and also vibrant, like dancing video game function coordinate with each other.

Kid’s clothes uses brilliant as well as lively contrast color, 3 primary colors, offer an individual with intense, appealing and also loosened up feeling. Embark on readied to go for it with shade piece, interval, can get dynamic and also charming, the effect with abundant shade.

non toxic chemical free

Along with looking excellent, youngsters’s apparel need to likewise be without dangerous compounds. You can select to acquire Baby Clothes Vendors they will certainly be a lot more safe and secure.

Comfortable Clothing is also a crucial variable to think about when picking children’s garments. There are three primary elements of comfort to take into consideration.



Two Children Playing in Sandbox in Sunny Day

Clothing can trigger kids to be uncomfortably warm or amazing. Comfy clothing will certainly allow absorption as well as ventilation so that body moisture can evaporate conveniently.

Cotton and also cotton blend materials are absorptive and comfy for little kids. One hundred percent artificial materials, which are usually nonabsorbent, are awkward for youngsters in cozy weather condition.

Give unique factor to consider to an infant’s comfort if disposable baby diapers are used regularly. These diapers do not permits air flow, and skin irritation may result if care is not taken.


Youngsters do not take pleasure in wearing clothes that restricts body movement. Clothes that is too little or too big can prevent body language and disrupt a kid’s activities.

Stay clear of uncomfortably tiny neck lines, armholes, sleeves, as well as waists as well as flexible that is as well limited. Apparel that is as well large and twists around the body or journeys the youngster must also be stayed clear of.

Annoying structures

Extreme or scratchy fabrics, fasteners, and also joint coatings can irritate a child’s sensitive skin.

Garments made from soft cotton or cotton blend materials fit and easy to take care of. Weaved fabrics are outstanding selections for children’s apparel due to the fact that they:

  • permit air flow, yet give warmth;
  • mold and mildew to the form of the body without restricting body movement;
  • are soft versus the skin; and
  • “stretch” to make clothing simpler.

Be sure to check the construction of each garment to stay clear of cumbersome seams and scratchy fasteners.

Hefty zippers, breaks, and also switches will be uncomfortable for the baby to lie on. Steel zippers might be harsh as well as irritate the skin, and also they can end up being uncomfortably cozy if revealed to the sunlight for too long.

Pants fabrics and quality

Chic outfits for the kids, combined with high quality, resilience and comfort, are the characteristics of suitable clothing. Solid cotton fabrics for pants like:

  • jeans-,
  • cargo-,
  • corduroy
  • sports orother fabric trousers

Can withstand a lot; mixed with spandex, they are also slightly elastic and do not constrict.

Not all cotton is the same; you notice that on closer inspection and at the latest when the pants are broken after a short time. Parents should not save at the wrong end; very cheap pants have an inferior fabric quality and equally poor workmanship.

Equally popular with girls and boys is the used look, which gives each pair of pants a unique look. Long pants with a percentage of spandex and knee pleats increase the wearing comfort and are especially recommended.

Sturdy and fine cloth for girls

Cloth for young girls

Short shorts are ideally made of cotton for girls, skirts, and dresses for the summer. Skirts and dresses look pretty adorable on little girls.

However, for playing and romping around are more suitable plain versions without frills or full band, on which the little ones could get stuck.

Short and knee-length dresses made of a sturdy, high-quality fabric are ideal for everyday wear. They can withstand so much and even survive the romp in kindergarten without damage.

Long dresses and thin to sheer fabrics are suitable for receptions, family gatherings and other events where kids have no opportunity to romp around and are always under the supervision of parents.


Life takes place outside! According to this motto, children’s clothing should be made. It is not always pleasantly mild and dry outside.

Usually, at least a jacket is needed to protect the kids from moisture, cold and wind. A distinction is made between summer and winter models in outdoor jackets and pants, and the latter is correspondingly heavily lined.

The jackets are usually very easy to wash in the washing machine. Some models are provided with impregnation, which protects the child from moisture and at the same time repels dirt.

As for adults, so for children, there are materials such as Sympatex. A fabric that is absolutely

  • waterproof
  • windproof, and
  • breathable

High-quality functional jackets are particularly tear-resistant; this also applies to sensitive areas such as the zippers, pockets, snaps and all seams. The joy of movement of the offspring is not impaired with a good jacket with a generous cut.

Young children playing outdoors

Tips for shopping with Children

Depending on the child’s age, it can be included when choosing. And if something doesn’t fit, you can send it back and exchange it. This can often be the much more relaxed version of a shopping spree.

But also in brand and children’s specialty stores can be a comfortable shopping, here there is also often a children’s play corner. Second-hand stores offer a cheap alternative, and since they are usually small and clearly arranged, you can rummage around in peace.

Many parents also buy children’s clothing at auctions and on the Internet, where you can then make many a bargain. Used clothing offers another advantage, it is already often washed, and possibly harmful and irritating substances are already washed out.

There are many possibilities, and the respective offer is immense. Moreover, even cheap offers are already tested for harmful substances today and can be qualitatively good. So you can find a shopping solution for every taste and every budget.

Shopping with Children

More useful tips when Buying Cloth for Children

Even children, depending on their age, already have a pronounced fashion sense, so the selection is often based on the current fashion and trends. However, children’s clothing must be able to withstand quite a bit and should be robust and durable.

Create a list before buying:

Before buying, you should think carefully about what you really need and then create a list. Mothers have different buying behavior. It can quickly happen that rash and too much is bought for some because children’s things are so cute.

Then a list to which one strictly adheres can help. And on the other hand, nothing is forgotten that is urgently needed.

Children’s clothes should generally be bought a little larger because the little ones grow quickly. But not too big so that the child does not sink in it.

Pay attention to good quality:

Often you can find cheap offers, but then only offer inferior quality. It is very annoying if the shirt is already completely warped after the second wash.

Also, if the colors fade quickly, you do not have long pleasure. So you should always pay attention to a good quality, and it does not always have to be expensive.

If you buy the children’s clothes directly in the store, you can convince yourself of the quality. Mothers usually develop a good sense to assess the condition of the garment properly.

Tips for buying on the Internet:

A convenient and fast solution is mail order and online orders. These two options offer many advantages. However, they have the disadvantage that you can not check the quality of the goods. But you have the right to exchange and return the goods. Whereby this is of course, again associated with some effort.

If you are not sure about the size of your child’s clothes, you can find size charts on the Internet. In stores, the saleswoman can advise.

Often the ideas of parents and child are far apart when buying clothes. However, there is no point in buying the child something that he or she absolutely does not like. The older the child is, the more one should include his wishes and sometimes find compromises.

With two children of different ages:

When buying children’s clothing, parents make sure that the material is of high quality and resilient, and that the workmanship is also impeccable, can keep these clothes for the younger siblings with a clear conscience.

In this way, a piece of clothing previously bought a little more expensive, becomes a real bargain. However, if you buy only very inexpensive children’s clothing from the beginning, you can often throw them away after the first child and have to buy the entire wardrobe again for the younger siblings.

Color theory for siblings

When you look into strangers’ strollers, you can usually guess right away whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Although it is not yet possible to identify the sex of a baby based on its appearance, the proud new mothers always make every effort to make their boy or girl identifiable by matching clothing.

However, if you intend to have more than one child, you should, if possible, refrain from wrapping the first-born girl exclusively in pink or putting junior in the stroller in sky-blue clothes only.

It makes much more sense to dress the baby or toddler in “neutral” colors such as

  • White
  • Beige
  • Yellow or
  • Green

Because both girls and boys can wear these colors, this means that rompers, tiny sweaters or little caps in these colors can be stored well for the next child, without having to worry about whether the stored clothing will one day match the child’s gender.

If you have already completed your family with two or more children, and all children have the same gender, then the colors of the clothes may of course, be purchased accordingly.

However, it would be best to make sure that the motifs on the clothes for the older children are chosen relatively neutral. Because even if the oldest child is a big fan of a particular comic hero, this does not necessarily apply to the younger children.

If you still don’t want to completely forgo gender-specific features, such as certain colors or motifs, you can also have relatives give you corresponding clothing items for the child’s birth or birthdays.

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