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World's Finest Wool
The weaving arts of the Incas

World’s Finest Wool is a website created to inspire passion for the unsurpassed wools used around the world. It presents not only the exquisite fibers themselves but also the geographical and environmental conditions of each region.

Wool is a natural fiber with a great story to tell. History, geography, ecology, crafts, and fashion all come together and define the realm of wool.

We bring together manufacturers and traders of high-quality wool products and customers. Visitors will find a wealth of information about the origin and production of wool, products, manufacturers and animal welfare. Also, you will find directly suitable products for your needs!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to collect and beautifully present all the information about the World’s Finest Wool and make it available and useful to everyone.

Our Story

The aim of this website is to offer information about the world’s finest natural fibers, all in one place. Here you will find useful articles about all the varieties of wool, information about the most exquisite natural varieties like cashmere, merino, alpaca, vicuna and more.

You will also learn about the shepherds who care for the animals and their families. Here you will read about their traditions and their way of farming and caring for their herds. You will learn about geography and how nature defines the way people and animals live together.

The World’s Finest Wool is a website about the qualities of wool, as much as it is about its history, its origin and the local communities that make everything happen. Excellent natural varieties are not only perfect to use; they come with a wealth of culture and history. The protection of local communities in the Pyrenees, the Andes, Kashmir and so many other places is irreversibly linked with sustainable development and the establishment of ethical practices.

You will also learn about the evolution of cloth, about the traditional spinning wheel and the way super sensitive fibers are treated and colored and woven and used. We also offer many options for you to buy selected luxurious items and enjoy their unparalleled qualities.

Here you can discover all those sumptuous, beautiful garments made of the world’s finest wool and the softest natural fibres that make our lives better. And warmer!

Excellent informative page about wool! Could not believe that the story of wool can be so exciting! Thanks for sharing all this interesting information!

Meet The Team

Experience Writers and Wool Experts – 
with many years of experience in their subject

Marco Heitner

Founder and Co-owner

Melanie Lavoie


Kayla Kinsella

Guest Author
Guest Author

About the Founder

Hello! I’m Marco. 

I am the author and creator of the World’s-Finest-Wool.com

I founded this website because of my love for nature, tradition and exquisite all-natural fiberss like merino wool, cashmere, and alpaca. The way local communities interact with their environment and produce valuable, irreplaceable natural resources such as wool is inspiring. I wanted to share my passion with people who have the same interests and appreciate what nature has to offer, so here we are.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than spending my vacations in the mountains and enjoying the landscape, the trees, the fresh air and the animals that live there. Today, my day job is in IT, but my appreciation for the natural ecosystem motivated me to start writing about the World’s Finest Wool and create this website.

I strive not only to inform you but also to inspire you and take you with me on a journey of exploration around the world. I hope you will find all the sections useful and exciting. A big part of what I want to share with you is my love and appreciation for our planet. Spending this much time as possible outdoors on the mountains, I became aware of the importance of preserving nature in all its glory and safeguarding traditional communities and their lifestyle.

I feel very strongly about us all leading a sustainable lifestyle, caring for the environment, caring for others. Preserving the beauty of nature and always choosing natural materials. The fashion industry is leaving a huge ecological footprint, making it imperative for us all to turn towards natural resources.

I hope I will be able to share many useful resources and beautiful stories with you, and I would like to invite you to contribute your thoughts and ideas. Please use the contact form below to send me your message if you want.

I hope you will enjoy visiting the World’s-Finest-Wool.com and discovering all about the unique varieties that are available. You can even access and purchase selected products that reflect the quality and values of the World’s-Finest-Wool.com.

Thank you for visiting!



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