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ALPACA Sweater

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Alpaca Sweaters

Alpaca sweater is one of the most popular garments made of the noble wool. It is wonderful as a garment for cold days, as it protects you from the cold and is incredibly cozy soft.

The silky sheen makes it not only a warm, but also a chic companion. You can choose from a wide variety of models for every taste and figure type.

Looking for a high quality, cozy and stylish alpaca sweater? Here we show you a top selection of leading brands.

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ALPACA Pullover
ALPACA Sweater2

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Advantages of an alpaca sweater

The soft sheen of the alpaca fiber makes the sweater a real eye-catcher. But Alpaca wool scores not only visually:

  • Alpaca wool has great thermoregulatory properties: it warms on cold days and cools when it’s hot.
  • The fibers are antibacterial and thus odorless even after prolonged wear.
  • The wool is resistant and stain-resistant, making it extremely durable and easy to care for
  • Alpaca fibers have little wool grease and are therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Alpaca wool is rare but simply too good not to wear. The natural material is characterized by a pleasant feel and a soft sheen. The warming fibers make the wool perfect for sweaters.

When buying, orient yourself on the quality criteria mentioned above and find out beforehand how much value the manufacturer places on animal welfare because alpacas should be kept species-appropriate if they already give us so much pleasure with their wool.

what you should consider when buying

Very cheap alpaca sweaters are basically not available because they are mostly fake. Often alpaca sweaters are advertised that are not alpaca sweaters at all. So you do not reach for inferior goods.

  • Be also orient yourself by the price. Alpaca wool is expensive, and therefore you should look twice if the price for an alpaca sweater is in the double digits.
  • Look at the label: only where it says 100% alpaca wool is really exclusively alpaca wool in it.
  • There are different grades of alpaca wool: Royal alpaca is the finest wool, and baby alpaca is still very soft.
  • Do you feel an unpleasant scratching on your skin? Then it is not pure alpaca wool.
    Pay attention to whether the wool has a silky sheen.

We went on a search for you and compiled an overview of our favorite parts for you. →

ALPACA Pullover
ALPACA Sweater2
ALPACA Pullover
ALPACA Sweater2

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Combining alpaca sweaters in a stylish way

An alpaca sweater is great to combine with different styles:

  • An alpaca sweater looks very classy with a pair of cloth pants, but it also goes perfectly with a skirt and pumps.
  • Wear the alpaca sweater in style over a white blouse.
  • Patterned sweaters go especially well with jeans and sneakers.
  • Set contrasts! Wear the soft alpaca sweater under a rocking leather jacket, for example.
    Tone-on-tone outfits always go. For example, wear a beige handbag with a beige alpaca sweater.

Prices for an alpaca sweater

One alpaca provides the wool for a single sweater per year. Such a rare material is correspondingly expensive. As mentioned above, you should be suspicious if you find an alpaca sweater under 100 euros. Anything above that is realistic.

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Which alpaca sweater suits which type?

High quality is important, of course, but at least as important is that the sweater suits you and emphasizes your assets. Which sweater will do that depends on your silhouette:

Apple Type

✓ You have slim legs, but your problem areas are the abdomen and upper arms.
✓ Choose a monochrome model that falls loosely over the belly.
✓ Deep necklines flatter you, but over-sized looks also rock you.
✓ These also skillfully conceal your above problem areas and will quickly no longer talk about the belly and upper arms.
✓ With this look also your slim, beautiful legs come optimally to advantage.

Pear Type

✓ You have a narrow upper body, but your lower body is relatively wider.
✓ Choose a sweater with a scoop neckline that falls loosely over the hips.
✓ Feel free to go for eye-catching colors, but soft beige and sand tones also combine well with dark pants.
✓ Avoid too-tight tops that cling to your slim torso.

Tube Type

✓ You are very petite and have hardly any feminine curves.
✓ You can conjure them up with a V-neck.
✓ To do this, combine wide pants, which will somewhat conceal your petite legs.
✓ Also, the alpaca sweater should not be too tight.
✓ For feminine curves, simply choose wide alpaca tops.

Sandglass Type

✓ You have a large bust and feminine hips but a narrow waist.
✓ Choose a fitted model with V-neck to emphasize your cleavage.
✓ Or a tight-fitting top with a scoop neckline, which will emphasize your feminine curves & waist.

ALPACA Pullover
ALPACA Sweater2
ALPACA Pullover
ALPACA Pullover
ALPACA Sweater2
ALPACA Sweater2

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What colors look especially good on you?

The advantage of alpaca wool: you can choose from many different natural shades, but you don’t have to give up bright colors if you prefer the pop effect because alpaca wool is also excellent for dyeing.


Alpaca Cardigans

Among the exclusive manufacturers, you can find especially many beautiful alpaca cardigans in the program. In our selection, we especially paid attention to solid manufacturing and high quality!

We have compiled for you a selection of cardigans made of the finest alpaca wool.

Alpaca jackets are especially fluffy and look great. But an alpaca jacket can do even more:

✓ The fibers are hollow on the inside and thus store body heat exceptionally well.
✓ The wool repels dirt and odors and does not smell unpleasant.
✓ Alpaca wool is extremely easy to care for and durable, as it is very resistant.

 * Disclosure: Text links or some image links on world’s-finest-wool may be affiliate links. 

All our work is reader-supported – when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The decision is yours – whether you decide to buy something is entirely up to you.

Alpaca coat 4

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Here you’ll learn why alpaca is one of the most sustainable fibers on the planet, and you’ll find a careful selection of high-quality alpaca wool cardigans inspired by the creativity of indigenous people.

The natural Fiber with Unique Properties

Mother Nature truly could not have created a more optimal natural fiber than alpaca wool. The indescribable comfort of alpaca wool is due to the unique nature of the fibers.

Alpaca fibers have excellent thermal properties due to their fineness and microscopic air pockets.

Alpacas have existed for thousands of years in the Andes at altitudes ranging from 2,500 to over 4,500 meters above sea level and must protect themselves from extreme temperature and weather fluctuations. Therefore, this noble fiber must have special properties.

On hot days, for example, it protects against heat and is breathable, while in cold temperatures, it stores body heat perfectly and wicks moisture away to the outside.

The alpaca fiber has a silky, ultra-soft texture, is hypoallergenic and very durable. It is nevertheless lighter than traditional wool.

The greenest animals on the planet

Alpacas spend their entire lives grazing freely in their natural habitat, originally in the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes.

When spring arrives and it becomes warmer in the Andes, the indigenous people obtain high-quality alpaca wool. The animals are gently sheared by hand in their native habitat between November and March only once a year.

Unlike goats, alpacas do not destroy the ground when grazing; their hooves are much larger and soft padded – they cut the grass with their teeth without pulling on it and so eat only the tops of the grass in their natural habitat. The plants, therefore, grow back quickly.

The alpaca garments are strong and durable and hardly need to be washed. Furthermore, the fiber is 100% biodegradable and requires no chemical treatment during production.

You are looking for an alpaca jacket or cardigan that perfectly suits your type? We show you here great products in our small but fine selection.

The perfect look

Cardigans or cardigans are extremely combination-friendly. If you are still inspired for your next alpaca jacket outfit, we have a few tips for you:

Alpaca jackets and white blouses are an unbeatable combo. Especially with exclusive fabric pants or dark jeans, this combination harmonizes very well.

Combine similar fabrics, for example, an alpaca cardigan with an alpaca wool scarf. But be careful: the colors should harmonize!

An exciting look can also be an alpaca leather outfit. Wear your “neat” alpaca cardigan with a leather skirt or leather leggings.

Make sure the colors are in harmony. A beige or caramel alpaca jacket goes well with black pants, while you can sensationally style a gray cardigan with a pink t-shirt and accessories of the same color.

Alpaca Animal Welfare

Ethics & animal welfare with alpaca products

Alpaca wool traditionally comes from the Andes of Peru but is also obtained in other parts of the world. Despite the long-distance it travels to reach Central Europe, wool is considered a very sustainable resource.

Alpacas are herd animals that require sufficient grazing area for species-appropriate husbandry, feed exclusively on grasses and should be regularly checked for diseases.

Shearing usually takes place before summer and should be done holistically for hygienic reasons. For you as a consumer, it is difficult to trace where your alpaca sweater actually comes from and how the animals are kept.

Therefore, find out about brands that are committed to animal welfare, critically question special offers and read the clothing label very carefully. Here you will not only get information about the quality and the mixing ratio of a product but possibly also about the country of origin.

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