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Cashmere is a soft material with a very pleasant feel on the skin. However, you need to take proper care of this material if you want it to maintain its high quality. There are certain things to put into consideration when cleaning, drying or storing your cashmere material.

Here are a few essential points to note:

Cashmere Care: What you need to know

How to wash cashmere?

There is absolutely no need to subject your cashmere material to frequent washing, a short airing will do.

Apart from being extremely delicate, the cashmere fabric is also quite exclusive. In essence, this material should only be washed when it becomes absolutely necessary. Cashmere materials are easily worn out, which is why it is advisable to limit the amount of times you wear your cashmere sweater.

Allowing your material to rest for a while in between use will ensure that the wool remains fresh and prevent it from matting too quickly. It is also advisable to air it out regularly, as this can help dispel unpleasant smells particularly when the environment is humid. That is not to say you shouldn’t wash your cashmere material if it becomes very dirty.

Cashmere Wool Care - how to wash my cashmere clothes most effectively

Which is the preferable method for washing cashmere material, machine or hand wash?

The truth of the matter is that, cashmere materials can be cleaned using any of these methods provided it is properly applied. Professional companies should only be used to wash cashmere materials in exceptional circumstances.

Hand washing is a popular method of cleaning cashmere as it provides a gentle cleaning cycle. All you have to do is, put the material in a bowl of water, pour some shampoo and wool detergent, allow it to soak for a little while, then rinse out the material. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Furthermore, you should avoid rubbing the fabric together to prevent damage to the fiber (i.e. matting).

Modern washing machines can also be used to wash cashmere wool. Just make sure you get one with a special wool program. To achieve this, you can swivel the laundry a little to remove the dirt. You can also shorten the drying time by using a 600 rpm light spin cycle.

How To Wash Cashmere by: Real Simple

Another alternative is to give your cashmere wool out to professional cleaners – these professionals know how to handle the most delicate of fabrics. However, there are conflicting opinions about this, as some people seem to think that using a professional cleaning service is not the best idea based on their personal experiences.

How to care for Cashmere

How to dry and store cashmere fabrics?

The drying time is usually influenced by the manner in which the cashmere wool is washed. It is always advisable to place a soft towel around the garment to squeeze out the left over moisture. Then lay the wool down to dry instead of hanging it up to prevent the pieces shapes from warping.

A dryer is also a great alternative. However, it is best to put the dryer on cold air as any strong heat can cause the cashmere fabric to shrink.

The same logic can also be applied to your storage – avoid hanging your cashmere material, instead fold it carefully, preferably on top your stack of clothes to prevent it from getting crushed by the other clothes.

How to care for Cashmere

Can I put Cashmere in a dryer? Lay your cashmere items flat on a towel in their natural shape to air dry. Never use the dryer!

Note: Avoid ironing your cashmere wool. However, if your wool is wrinkled and you absolutely need to iron it, you can run an iron over at low heat. It is also advisable to place a cotton material between the cashmere and the iron to avoid damaging the fibers.

How to handle stains?

You need to be very conscientious about stains when cleaning your cashmere material. Do not try to pre-heat the stubborn stains as this can damage the fabric. You can get rid of stubborn stains by applying some shampoo to it and machine washing it. You can also take it to the dry cleaners – if you are unsure about removing the stains yourself

Pilling Tips - Cashmere Lint

Pills can be easily removed using a cashmere comb or garment bristle brush — never use a razor or scissors as you’ll damage the fibres and make it worse

It is perfectly normal to notice tiny nodules on cashmere wool over time –  this process is called pilling. You can use a cashmere comb to smooth the wool. This works great especially for loose cashmere pieces as they come off easily.

In essence, you will need a little more care when handling your cashmere sweater, but the end result is definitely worth the extra effort. You will definitely enjoy your cashmere cloth item if you follow the tips on this page.

Cashmere & Wool Combs

Note however, that cashmere items sometimes shrink or fuzz when washed regardless of the quality of care given. This can be explained by the fact that there are different qualities of wool and manufacturers out there, which makes it harder to predict what will happen to the garments when they’re washed or put in storage.

How to prevent moth infestation on your cashmere clothes

Clothing Moths sticking to a pheromone trap
Clothing Moths sticking to a pheromone trap

The level of damage caused by clothe moths can never be overemphasized. It doesn’t take much for this pest to cause serious damage to your clothes. Fabrics are more prone to infestations during the off-season, which is why popular winter wears like sweaters and cashmere scarves are always at danger from cloth moths during the warm months of summer.

The major attraction for clothes moth is the protein contained in the skin cells and remnant body oils shed when those garments are worn. To avoid this, you need to make sure your cashmere clothing is cleaned thoroughly before storage to prevent any form of moth infestation.

Furthermore, clothes moths thrive more in damp, dark recesses, which is why you need to air out your stored garments from time to time, whether or not you intend to wear them. You can prevent pest infestation by airing and exposing your cashmere garments to gentle light.

There are some old trade secrets that you can try to protect your cashmere garments from pest infestation. Cedar oils, lavender and cloves have been known to prevent moth infestation on clothes. Though cedar oil destroys eggs, it cannot however kill grown moths or larvae.

Same thing applies to other natural remedies, as they can only deter but lack the capacity to destroy adult moths, larvae or eggs.

Though incredibly effective, some people might want to avoid pesticides and chemical-based fumigants because they’re allergic to the ingredients or sensitive to the smell. In this case, the best solution to moth infestation could be moth traps. Moth traps attract moths to their sticky traps using natural, non-toxic pheromones, which permanently traps them to its surface.

In light of the foregoing, it is advisable to try out multiple products that have the capacity repel these pests at any stage, whether you’re facing a full-blown onslaught or the infestation is still at the early stage. After treating your storage space, make sure you wash and dry the garments before taking them back to storage.

A very effective method to protect valuable garments from moths is commercially available “Garment Bags!”

But we would like to point out not to use plastic garment bags. Clothing made of natural fibers must be able to breathe, so it is important to avoid this type of garment bags, especially if you store clothes in summer.

They can cause severe and irreversible damage, such as mold. So please use only cotton garment bags even for the protection of our environment.


Here are some amazing tips to help you ensure that your cashmere garment is in great condition until you’re ready to rock it again.

There are certain precautions you need to take on your storage space before you pack up your precious cashmere items for the season. First, you need to make sure the place is dusted thoroughly and disinfected. Then, air it out and make sure it is completely dry.

Hanging destroys cashmere materials, which means you will need a storage space where the garments can be folded neatly with enough room to breathe. Make sure your storage options are handy – a good example is a Cotton Garment Bag with enough room for airflow to prevent condensation.

You can also place some acid-free tissue papers between the folded layers as added protection to prevent unnecessary pressure on the clothes. Make sure the storage space is not facing direct sunlight or heat, which means a solid closet door that is not under a vent.

Lastly, make sure your cashmere garments are stored with natural moth repellants such as lavender sachets and cedar balls- don’t forget to keep them replenished every month or two. Though the repellants are more effective when they’re closer to the garments, it is not advisable to allow lavender or cedar to have direct contact with your cashmere fabric. You can prevent the oils from staining your cashmere by demarcating them with cotton cloths or a layer of tissue.

The process of caring for your cashmere clothing items may require some additional efforts and investments, but the fact that it helps you maintain and keep your luxury items intact is definitely motivation to continue.

Thank you for reading about – how to care for Cashmere Properly

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