Alpaca & Cashmere Blankets

Discover the World’s Finest Wool – Buyer`s guide for Alpaca and Cashmere Blankets

Alpaca and Cashmere Blankets

Soft, luxurious Alpaca & Cashmere Blankets

Whether comfortably wrapped, elegantly laid over the sofa, or draped folded at the end of the bed – the right blanket brings comfort and style to your home. From luxurious cashmere to allergy-friendly alpaca, we introduce you to both materials in this guide. So make yourself warm and cozy and read on.

Cashmere blanket covering sofa

Cover you with two of the most luxurious fabrics

close up of alpaca head


When it starts to get cold, it is best to wrap yourself in blankets with insulating properties. Thanks to its hollow fibres, alpaca wool is warmer than sheep’s or lamb’s wool.

The wool comes from alpacas native to the Peruvian highlands, where temperatures can drop below freezing. The fine, soft alpaca wool is slightly shiny and feels silky smooth, while its durability and lightweight are convincing.


Cashmere wool comes from the light, fluffy undercoat found under the chins of goats, and is combed out by hand every spring – this makes cashmere one of the most valuable wools in the world.

This incredibly soft and fine feel with a velvety finish makes cashmere wool a luxurious material that makes every blanket a feel-good textile. The yarn is lightweight but about eight times warmer than other wool types, making it perfect for cozy moments in the cold season.


Types of blankets

Cashmere Throw

A cashmere blanket – made of the most precious and softest natural fibre – is probably the most exclusive thing you can buy for cuddly moments at home.

For the feel-good effect, there is probably no comparable material.

Alpaca Throw

Alpaca is particularly popular for throw-over blankets. They are hard-wearing, dirt-repellent and breathable, and at the same time relatively light.

Alpaca has a beautiful natural sheen

Alpaca Comforters

Alpaca has excellent thermo-regulating properties and is lighter than silk or wool.

Hypoallergenic because alpaca does not contain lanolin

Alpaca is very odor repellent

Baby Blankets

Baby skin is very sensitive. Nothing should scratch.

To keep your baby comfortable, you should invest in a high-quality baby blanket that keeps your baby warm and prevents overheating and excessive sweating.

Throw Blankets & Bedspreads

  • Bedspreads are very trendy, especially in autumn. As a cuddly blanket in oversize, they provide warmth. At the same time, the blanket creates a beautiful atmosphere. Especially when it rains outside and a cool wind blows. What you can use a Throw Blanket for and how best to combine it with other decorations, you can find out here today.
  • Especially in autumn or early winter – when we are not yet used to the cold temperatures – we like to take a Throw Blanket. But also in case of illness and if we don’t want to overheat the apartment, the bedspread increases our comfort factor.
  • With a Plaid, we create a homely atmosphere. And that’s why we prefer to snuggle up in a blanket in the evening and enjoy the free hours. However, bedspreads can also be used for other purposes. When buying a bedspread, you should pay attention to a few points.

Cashmere Throw Blankets

A cashmere blanket – made of the most precious and softest natural fibre – is probably the most exclusive thing you can buy for cuddly moments at home. For the feel-good effect, there is probably no comparable material.

The cashmere wool is extracted from the fine undercoat of the cashmere goat. This Fiber has been processed into high-quality textiles for around 1000 years.

Connoisseurs and lovers of cashmere products such as sweaters and scarves appreciate the excellent properties of this noble yarn. Cashmere has excellent warming properties, is dirt, odor and moisture repellent and has a high tear resistance. The look and feel of cashmere are simply unmistakable. High-quality and pure cashmere wool blankets have their price, but with good care, they are an acquisition for life with lasting value.

Before you buy a cashmere plaid, make sure it has an attractive feel or check the Internet to see if the product really is made of 100% cashmere wool. Only if 100% high-quality cashmere wool has been processed, the blanket is pleasantly soft and guaranteed scratch-free!

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cashmere label on how to identify Cashmere counterfeits

Utilization range of Bedspreads

Very often, wool blankets are used as bedspreads, you protect your bed from dust and dirt, and in cold nights you can use them as an extra blanket! Oversized bedspreads also look great in a child’s room. Simply lay the blanket on the floor. Now your children can play on a cuddly soft and warm floor.

Older blankets can be put in the car for emergencies – or to have a picnic blanket ready at any time. They can also be used for pets. They protect your furniture or living area from hair, dirty paws, or scratches from claws. Your pets are also guaranteed to feel very comfortable on a blanket. No household should be without a bedspread. If you have any other ideas, let us know and write them in the comments below.

Pay attention to the points below when buying

Even if the appearance is most appealing – don’t just pay attention to the visual design of the bedspread. The size and the material used also play an important role. It is important that the size of the blanket is suitable for the intended use.

  • If you would like to snuggle up with it from time to time, then I would definitely advise you to choose a larger bedspread. It should also be made of high-quality wool that doesn’t scratch and doesn’t take on smells.
  • For outdoor use, thicker and robust blankets such as those made from Alpaca or Iceland wool are particularly suitable.
  • If you want to use a bedspread as a privacy screen, you can follow your own taste without considering much.  However, if you need a quilt to protect you from dust and dirt, you should use cheaper materials such as polyester.

Alpaca Throw Blankets

Alpaca is particularly popular for throw-over blankets. They are hard-wearing, dirt-repellent and breathable, and at the same time relatively light.

Because of the excellent natural fibre they are perceived as fluffy, cuddly and cuddly. The Alpaca fiber is antibacterial and has only a minimal amount of wool fat (lanolin); people with diseases and allergies often use alpaca blankets.

Among the many advantages of alpaca wool are the following:

Alpaca is available in beautiful shiny colors.
✓ The fibres are  Impenetrable to UV rays
✓ The dirt-repellent fibres are also easy-care and look noble.
✓ Hard-wearing (about three times more tear-resistant than sheep wool)
✓ Less prone to tangling (which is often a problem with other natural fibres)
✓ Alpaca hair is almost as soft as cashmere.
✓ The low percentage of wool fat makes the blanket allergy-friendly.
✓ Alpaca fibres are antibacterial and odourless.
✓ At a lower weight, alpaca wool is about five times warmer than sheep’s wool

Comforters & Duvets

How a comforter is basically constructed:

A comforter consists of a cover fabric and a filling. Both – the type of material of the cover and the filling are variable. The usually rectangular shape of the quilt is provided with quilting seams in different arrangements. Longitudinal or transverse topstitching seams are possible here, as well as both together.

The most commonly produced form: the cassette quilting .

With this quilting method, the blanket is divided into three times four or four times six cassettes. However, the fabric panels are not “quilted through,” but are connected at different heights through bars. 

Depending on the desired heat retention, they are dimensioned between two and ten centimeters high. One of the main objectives of quilting is to protect the filling material from slipping. Ensuring an optimal and even distribution of the filling material means providing even heat.

Since quilts should be washable, this also means that the filling material’s clumping is mostly ruled out.

For your bedroom, it can also be alpaca. 

As you are familiar with the classic quilts with down filling already, you can imagine a cashmere or alpaca duvet in the same way – just with cashmere or alpaca instead of down and feathers. Alpaca Comforters score points for their high thermal performance and the pleasant bed climate they create. Thanks to their perfect temperature-regulating properties, you should soon notice that you sweat less when you sleep than before.

Baby Blankets

A Note About Baby Blanket And Safety

You should NOT use a Blanket for your baby in the crib until they are at least ONE YEAR OLD. You should always be extra careful when using blankets, pillows or any objects that can wrap around your baby’s body due to the danger of suffocation!

Please inform yourself about crib safety and sleeping and potential causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome!

Baby skin is very sensitive. Nothing should scratch. Otherwise, the delicate skin becomes irritated, and your baby feels unwell. To keep your baby comfortable, you should invest in a high-quality baby blanket that keeps your baby warm and prevents overheating and excessive sweating.

Cuddly blankets made of cashmere are therefore very much in demand for babies. Babies, in particular, benefit from the unique thermoregulation of a cashmere blanket. Furthermore, a real cashmere blanket is 100% safe from scratching the skin.

Further, cashmere baby blankets are incredibly durable. So, if you plan to have more babies, you can easily continue to use the blanket for years to come. Or you can give it to relatives or friends with a baby. Everyone will be delighted with this gift!

Caring for alpaca and cashmere blankets

Cashmere and alpaca wool are not exactly cheap, and it would be a pity if you ruin your expensive purchase by washing it the wrong way. The following basic rules are especially important:

  • Cashmere and alpaca blankets do not need to be washed frequently. As they are self-cleaning by nature and absorb almost no odors, it is often sufficient to air the blanket thoroughly.
  • When washing in the machine, choose the cold wash cycle and do not spin-dry.
    Never wash hot. Use a gentle wool detergent.
  • Please do not hang up the wet blanket, but spread it out on a towel to dry.
    Do not put it on a heater to dry! The material is sensitive to heat!

Thank you for reading  this guide for Alpaca and Cashmere Blankets – What  do you prefer?

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