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The Cashmere Goat provides one of the softest and finest natural fibers in the world.

The most luxurious fabrics are made of Cashmere wool

The merino sheep is bred worldwide for it’s unique wool.

Merino is the world’s leading wool, mainly because of its good price-performance ratio and the versatile use in the outdoor area.

Merino sheep eating grass

Merino and cashmere wool are amongst the best fabrics, especially during winter seasons. Although they are similar in some aspects, they both have differences. The major aim of this post is to help you make the right choice in terms of which material to choose.

Here are some facts about the two materials that might help you when making that decision:

Cashmere vs. Merino - Their Similarities

These two fibers have some outstanding similarities. For instance, they are not too prone to dirt. Also, both rarely crease and have a way of getting bed smells neutralized.

 It is possible for both materials to go through extensive airing instead of being washed. They are breathable fibers and can get the temperature regulated in a great way.

Both types of wool can’t get charged electrostatically. There are people who usually have the wrong assumption about this. Some known issues can be crackling sweaters during winter or flying hair. These can only manifest whenever synthetic fibers get added to such wool. This makes charging to be possible.

These fibers (merino and cashmere) are renewable, natural, and degradable (without any residue).

Cashmere vs. Merino – What fits best for you

Comfort and thermal insulation: with regards to softness and warmness, cashmere is better than merino

Amongst other natural fibers, cashmere seems to be the leader. For instance, it has a really noble appearance and can look very good when used on the skin. Also, it is very soft and light.

As compared to other fibers, its capacity for heat retention is very high. There is a strong warming function as a result of its hollow fibers. When it comes to storing heat, there are really good.

Merino wool is very fine sheep wool. It doesn’t only have a beautiful fall as its sheen is also great. For merino wool to provide some comfort, such will greatly depend on fibers’ fineness that is being used.

The wool is ultra-soft. Therefore, it doesn’t scratch the skin whenever used. The finest fibers are always of the highest quality.

african american woman in cashmere sweater

There is better insulation via air chambers once the fiber is fine. Also, it tends to feel much better on the skin of an individual.

Body temperature can be perfectly regulated by the wool. When the weather is hot, the fiber will naturally cool down. During cold weather conditions, the body is insulated by the fine hollow wool fibers. Both cashmere and merino wools are perfect when it comes to absorbing humidity. The can absorb the  weight of their own without feeling damp.

Cashmere is more expensive

Products manufactured using cashmere are more expensive as compared to those manufactured with merino wool.
There are reasons for this, though. Some of them are:

  • Cashmere material very is rare (Total cashmere production accounts for less than 0,5 percent of world wool production)
  • Each Cashmere Goat only produces about 200 gramm of this exclusive fiber per year
  • The wool won annually by a Saxon Merino sheep is about 3 – 6 kilograms

Pilling – is this an issue?

The term Pilling is used in describing nodules that will form after a given period of time. This is usually in those places where there is friction. In woolen products, pilling is a sign of inferior quality or defect.

However, it is a process which is normal since it can be due to wearing and also friction.

Merino and cashmere wool can be affected by pilling. The fabric will pill less when the fibers used originally are longer. There are special pilling razors that can help in removing such modules.

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Form Stability

Merino wool is characterized by a natural stretch. Therefore, it is crease-free and dimensionally stable.

Cashmere can return to its normal shape quickly. Once the shirt has been used for some hours, ensure it is allowed to rest for at least 24hours. This will enable it to return to its normal shape.

It is also important the shirt isn’t hanged using a hanger. Rather, ensure it is folded to prevent it from wearing out.

Washing and durability

Merino wool is known for its high hard-wearing as well as robust nature. Using a washing machine to get it washed is easy to ensure its shape is maintained.

Cashmere requires cleaning by hand due to its less hard-wearing nature. Instead of being hanged after washing, it has to be lied down. This will ensure its shape is maintained after washing.

Cashmere vs. Merino – What do you prefer??? Leave us a comment!

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How To Identify Cashmere Counterfeits

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