Looking for the perfect gift? A cashmere sweater lasts a lifetime!

A Cashmere Sweater – The Perfect Gift!

If you are still looking for a nice gift for Christmas and are thinking about a cashmere sweater, you should consider a few things before buying – and you should also deal extensively with the care. 

A High-Quality Cashmere Sweater can last almost a lifetime with the proper handling.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Why not buy a Cashmere Sweater as a gift.

Of course, when buying and caring for it, there are a few things to watch out for, but with the proper handling, it’s a sustainable gift that someone can enjoy for a long time.

Young black woman wearingsoft oversized cashmere sweater

Cashmere is the precious hair of the cashmere goat

Genuine Cashmere refers to the fine hair of the cashmere goat, which occurs predominantly in Central Asia – the hair is obtained from the underfur of the goat.

Although the term wool is actually reserved for the soft hair of the sheepskin, the precious hair of the cashmere goat is also colloquially called Cashmere Wool.

Cashmere goats, before their current distribution, were exclusively native to the high plateaus of Central Asia, where they lived in small herds.

The natural colors of the magnificent coat of Cashmere Goats are white, gray, brown and black. In their area of origin, goats do not belong to individual breeds but are from racial groups that are distinguished by the characteristics of their undercoat.

Different types of cashmere result from the different fiber structures of the approximately 20 different sub-types of the cashmere goat. The fiber structure is shaped by the prevailing climate in the respective region.

Cashmere goats from the Himalayan mountains, for example, have an above-average soft and fine undercoat to protect themselves from the icy temperatures of the mountain ranges.

What is most important when buying a cashmere sweater?

Blonde Woman in genuine Cashmere Sweater
Blonde Woman in genuine Cashmere Sweater

Think carefully about how much money you want to spend on a cashmere sweater. Because with cashmere, quality really does have its price.

In order to be considered a genuine cashmere sweater, the processed fabric must consist of at least 85 percent of the precious hair – which of course, also accounts for the high price.

After all, only about 150 grams of wool can be extracted from the underfur of one cashmere goat each year – and at least 400 grams are needed for a Cashmere sweater.

So before buying, be sure to study the label of the sweater. Does the label say “Cashmere Content”?  – Then the sweater consists of a high proportion of fibers of other wool (mostly merino wool) – or worst case synthetic fibers.

Often the inferior back hair of the cashmere goat is also used, which is much shaggier and coarser. So be sure to pay attention to the fineness of the fibers.

A sweater that is less than 85 percent cashmere goat’s precious hair is less densely knit, does not keep its shape as well, and therefore is not as durable as a sweater with a high cashmere wool content.

If you want to have a really genuine cashmere sweater as a gift but don’t want to spend so much money, it’s best to wait for a sale and compare prices from reputable retailers.
For a sweater made of real cashmere you easily pay about 200$.

Especially for a gift you are spoiled for choice. In terms of color, it is best to go for a classic – with a black, dark blue or cream white cashmere sweater you are almost always right, because it can be combined in many ways.

Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere Sweater

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Five Perfect Gift Ideas Made of Cashmere

Every year Christmas approaches, and always the question of the perfect gift for your loved ones comes up.

The market today really offers an incredibly wide choice, but between nonsensical shopping trips and last-minute purchases, there is still a high risk of giving an unwanted gift.

In any case, make a good impression by looking for something lasting – something that will give pleasure for a long time. Here are a few cashmere classics

Pure cashmere cardigan with buttons

A V-neck cardigan with pearl buttons is a timeless classic that can be worn on special occasions or every day.

A Poncho made of pure cashmere

A Poncho or Wrap Shawl is the perfect accessory for mom, girlfriend or sister.

It is soft and light, making it ideal on colder days. It is available in pure and mixed cashmere and regenerated cashmere.

A Gift Set of a scarf, gloves and hat made of pure cashmere.

Another perfect gift idea for a loved one is the set of a scarf, gloves and hat made of pure cashmere.

Available for him and her in different colors so they can be combined with different styles.

Pure cashmere sweater for men

For him, there is nothing more classic than a pure cashmere sweater with a crew neck or V-neck.

Pashmina Shawl for ladies

A shawl may seem like an inexpensive gift, but this year you have the opportunity to make an eco-friendly choice and give a sustainable gift by choosing a Pashmina Shawl made from the precious under-hair of the cashmere goat.

These high-quality scarves are very durable, and you can enjoy them for a long time.

How to properly care for a cashmere sweater

The right care is the key to a long life of a cashmere sweater. Once learned, the care is not very complex, but you can do a lot wrong.

According to the slogan “Less is More,” you should only wash the cashmere sweater if you have no other choice – for example if it has stains. Otherwise, airing after wearing is sufficient.

Wash cashmere clothing only when stained

If the sweater is very dirty and needs to be washed, it is best to use the wool wash cycle of the washing machine for this purpose, at most on 30 degrees and with the lowest spin setting.

The cashmere sweater is best washed with a short program and half-full drum. Wool or special cashmere detergents are particularly suitable.

Label - Washing Instructions

Best to avoid hand washing

If you don’t have a wool wash cycle on your washing machine and therefore decide to hand wash, you should take extra care.

Due to solid friction, the sweater gets knots and can mat in the worst case. In addition, the water should only be lukewarm, and the wash cycle should be kept as short as possible.

Finally, hand washing should really only be used if there is no other way. If in doubt, instead give the excellent piece to the dry cleaner.

After washing, the sweater should only be squeezed briefly with your hands (never wring it) and then dried lying on a dry towel.

Comb out the Cashmere sweater and fold it loosely

Sometimes Knots will form on a cashmere sweater – this is unavoidable. But the so-called pilling can be combed out with a special Cashmere Comb.

Afterward, the sweater will feel nice and soft and like new again. And if not: Put the sweater in a freezer bag for an hour in the freezer and then dry it lying down.


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