If you’re looking for a comfortable and luxurious fabric to add to your wardrobe, cashmere is a great choice. This natural fiber is known for its softness, warmth, and durability, and it can also provide several health benefits.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the ways in which cashmere can be good for your skin and overall well-being.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from the undercoat of Cashmere goats. These goats are native to the high plateaus of Central Asia and have a double-layered coat to protect them from the cold.

The topcoat is made up of longer, coarser fibers, while the undercoat consists of finer, softer fibers. It is the fibers from the undercoat that are used to make cashmere wool.

Cashmere wool is known for its softness and warmth, making it a popular choice for clothing, particularly during the colder months. It is often used to make sweaters, scarves, hats, and other cold-weather apparel. Cashmere is also prized for its durability, as it is resistant to pilling and can hold its shape well over time.

Female shepherd - with Cashmere goats
Female shepherd – with Cashmere goats

The Health Benefits of Cashmere

  1. Hypoallergenic

One of the key health benefits of cashmere is that it is hypoallergenic. This means that it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction compared to other types of wool or synthetic fibers. This makes it a great choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

  1. Moisture-Wicking

Cashmere is naturally moisture-wicking, which means that it absorbs and removes moisture from the skin. This can help to keep your skin dry and comfortable, especially in hot or humid conditions. Moisture-wicking fabrics are also great at helping to regulate body temperature, as they help to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

  1. Gentle on the Skin

Cashmere fibers are finer and softer than regular wool fibers, which makes them gentle on the skin. This can be especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema, as rough or scratchy fabrics can often irritate the skin.

  1. Naturally Breathable

In addition to being moisture-wicking, cashmere is also naturally breathable. This means that it allows air to circulate through the fabric, helping to keep your skin cool and comfortable. This can be especially important for people who tend to get overheated or sweaty easily.

  1. Durable and Long-Lasting

Cashmere is a high-quality fabric that is known for its durability. It is resistant to pilling and can hold its shape well over time, making it a good investment for your wardrobe. With proper care, a cashmere garment can last for many years.

What to look for when buying Cashmere

How to Care for Cashmere

To get the most out of your cashmere clothing, it’s important to take good care of it. Here are a few tips for caring for your cashmere garments:

  • Hand wash or dry clean: Cashmere is a delicate fabric and should not be machine washed. It’s best to either hand wash or dry clean your cashmere garments to keep them in good condition.
  • Use a gentle detergent: When hand washing cashmere, be sure to use a gentle detergent that is specifically designed for wool or cashmere. Avoid using regular laundry detergents, as they can be too harsh for this delicate fabric.
  • Lay flat to dry: After washing, lay your cashmere garment flat

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What to look for when buying Cashmere

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