Style advice: identifying and styling body types

Fashion Guide: Identifying and styling different body types

Which Clothing suits us exceptionally well and shows off our assets to the best advantage is not a question of clothing size. Still, rather one of the different figure types – our style advice is intended to show you which body types there are, how you can recognize them in each case and which items of Clothing particularly flatter your figure type.

These five body types you should know

Every Body Is Beautiful

No matter which figure type your body corresponds to, with the right clothes; you can get the best possible out of every body shape.

Your weight doesn’t matter at all because what matters much more in type consulting is the distribution of it: the proportions. And these usually remain the same, even if you gain or lose weight in the course of your life.

Therefore, the following applies to style consulting: It is better to accept your physique and to know and emphasize its advantages than to try to change your individual figure type by hook or by crook (and inevitably become unhappy in the process) – because these are present in every figure type!

Emphasizing your positive sides not only helps you to gain more self-confidence it also allows you to cover up one or two problem areas.

In order to find out which figure type your body corresponds to, we would like to give you an overview of the five different basic figure types on which almost every style consultation is based. Since every body is individual, this classification is not to be seen as an all-encompassing truth.

The variations to these standard shapes are many and varied, and you don’t have to have every feature to fit the figure type. However, the classifications serve as a guide to better assess your proportions and to be able to draw conclusions for the type cons.

How do I determine my body type?

If you are unsure which, figure type applies to you, you can easily measure yourself and see exactly how wide or narrow you are. All you need is a tape measure that you wrap around your body at the widest part of your shoulders, chest and hips.

Next, measure your waist at the narrowest point. And then you can easily calculate which figure type you are:

Hourglass Type X:    Waist ÷ Hips ≥ 0.75

Apple Body Type O:   Shoulders and Hips are slim

Inverted Triangle V:  Shoulders or bust ÷ Hips  ≥  1.05

Pear Body Type  H:    Hipst ÷ Shoulders or Bust  ≥  1.05

Rectangle Type  A:    Waist ÷ Shoulder ≥ 0.75

You probably won’t have all the characteristics of a certain figure type because it is not uncommon for mixed forms to exist in which characteristics from two or more figure types apply. However, this is not a bad thing for style consulting because you can combine the advantages of different figure types.

What we perceive as aesthetic and attractive is a balanced relationship between the different parts of the body. This is particularly evident in the example of plus-size models, who look more attractive than average despite having slightly more kilos on the scales.

Five Dressing Notes for Common Body Types

Women with Different Body Types

First of all, for clothing collocation,  we always believe that the basis of any Wholesale Baby Clothes collocation is based on a sufficient understanding of your own body shape, style and color bias in order to match the most suitable for their own Clothing.

So, the first step you have to take in matching clothes is to understand your own body shape and style preference and color preference. 

We will show you the five common body types and their characteristics and dressing notes. Then, you can compare yourself to see which body shape you may belong to. And hope these categories will help you choose Wholesale women’s Clothing!

1. Rectangle Body Type

The Rectangle Body Type is also called Paper Body. It has wide shoulders and square straight, small chest, thin waist, flat hips, no obvious waistline, slender limbs with the bone-like paper figure when a relatively thin body.

From the front, the chest, waist and crotch of the paper-shaped body leggings wholesale almost into a straight line, the body outline is straight, similar to the H-shaped, so you can also call it an H-shaped body.

From the side, the paper-shaped body is flat and thin, no body curve, so the lack of femininity. Although the paper-shaped body does not have a convex curve, this body is very bony, will look tall and competent, is a natural hanger.

2. Inverted Triangle or Strawberry type body

The top is thick, and the bottom is thin, the shoulders and back are wide, the chest is not full, the waist is thin, the hips are moderate in size, the legs are thin from the bottom, and the calves and ankles are especially slim.

The strawberry-shaped body is very good to identify the body, “thick on the thin” is its most obvious feature, the overall look like a V, so also called V-shaped body. Because the strawberry-shaped body is wide and narrow, the shoulders are almost the widest part of the body, so it is easy to give people the feeling of a tiger’s back and waist.

When dressing, you should try to weaken the lateral line of the shoulders in order to ease the imbalance of wide shoulders.

3. Hourglass figure

Shoulders, chest, hips and thighs are full and round, shoulders and hips are basically the same widths, the waist is very thin visually, the upper and lower width and narrow in the middle is like an hourglass, also like the letter X, so also called X-shaped body.

If your waist-to-hip ratio is close to 0.7, you are likely to have an hourglass-shaped body, and 0.7 is the most aesthetically pleasing waist-to-hip ratio!

4. Apple-shaped body

Chest, waist, hips and other trunk position is full; the faceplate is larger, neck circumference is thicker, abdomen, waist fat accumulation, limbs normal apple-shaped body looks like an apple as round, also known as O-shaped body or round body.

The medical profession believes that the apple-shaped body is a relatively unhealthy figure because the waist and abdomen fat accumulation, fat will have the hidden danger of high blood pressure. So, apple-shaped body friends must pay more attention to exercise!

In addition to exercise, when dressing with the same silhouette of Clothing is also more suitable for apple-shaped body wear.

5. Pear-shaped body

Narrow shoulders, small chest, wide hips, rounded legs. The pear-shaped body is the opposite of the strawberry-shaped body. Its most obvious feature is “narrow at the top and wide at the bottom,” like a capital A.

The bigger part of the pear-shaped body is mainly accumulated in the lower half of the body, so it will give people the feeling that the lower half of the body is relatively big.

In order to balance the imbalance of this figure, the visual effect of the lower half of the body must be weakened when wearing clothes.

If you now know your proportions, you can set them wonderfully in scene or optically balance. Our styling tips serve you as a suggestion but are by no means a must. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable – then you can wear what you want within the fashion in large sizes and look great. So feel free to try something new, because what’s fun is always allowed.

The central insight of our style advice is, therefore, this: No one needs model measurements to look good – every woman can create a beautiful work of art with her very own figure type!


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