It is hard to find a word that’s fanciful enough to describe the exquisite nature of the Mahogany Bay Village on Ambergris Caye, but this post will try to describe the wonder that it is in a few words.

Heads up, this vast and expansive resort is arguably the most popular vacation resort throughout Belize.

Ambergris Caye Island

Situated on the beautiful Ambergris Caye Island, Belize, the Mahogany bay village is nestled amongst tropical foliage and sea canals surrounded by mangroves, offering an authentic experience of nature and history-making architecture.

At a first glance, you will be impressed at the things you find on Mahogany Bay Belize, especially the organic garden, resort pool, coffee shop, and dainty food stands that deliver a unique experience.

Once you make your way into the resort through the grand grate, you will come face to face with this two-story edifice that feels like it has stood the test of time and found its place in the 21st century.

Let me take you through the most notable parts of Mahogany Bay Belize that catch the heart of everyone who visits, and just might catch yours as well.

Adventure meets relaxation in Mahogany Bay

The British Colonial Architecture replicated in Mahogany Bay Village is further accentuated by the tropical green spaces and pristine facilities. The resort is perfect for just about anyone, including couples, families, and large or small groups.

 This Caribbean vacation is perfectly designed for people who love a blend of adventure and relaxation.

 The other amenities on the resort waiting to be explored by you include the saltwater swimming pool, weekly outdoor movies and events, the Mahogany Bay Park, and The Great House which has a lobby, ballroom, event space, and countless outlets for food and beverages.

If you want to explore the surrounding environment while you’re at it, the concierge can arrange an excursion for you to explore Belize. You can also plan excursions and snorkeling trips during your stay.

Golf carts and Bikes will be on the ground for rent, in case you want to explore locations outside walking distance from you.

If Paradise was a place in front of you, Mahogany Bay Belize would be that paradise. 

 Mahogany Bay Belize, Ambergris Caye Island

The Village

When you walk into the area of the resort known as The Village, you will find an extensive and creative range of outlets for eating and drinking. The village is full of independent food and drink stations that deliver quality meals throughout the resort.

You will find all kinds of foods and drinks, including hot dogs, sushi, and Tacos, as well as a coffee shop and a cocktail bar.

The Beach Club

The fun locations aren’t complete without experiencing the private beach club on Mahogany Bay Belize that’s as classy as they get. 

The Beach Club houses pristine sandy beaches, transparent waters, kayaks, overwater daybeds, SUP, full beach services, and beautiful sunset views.

To locate the beach club, you’ll need to take a boat ride from the pier, pass through the Mangrove Areas and make your way through Cayo Espanto until you reach the secluded private beach that stretches out beautifully, awaiting you.

The Mahogany Bay Beach Club has a bar and restaurant where you can continue sampling nothing short of the tastiest and most creative meals and drinks. You can also place an order for food and drinks to be brought to you while you’re relaxing on rented beds on the beach or relax in a hammock or lounge chair.

The complimentary paddleboard is yours to explore with, as you can take it out to the water and paddle around as you enjoy the serenity and beauty of the beach. Don’t drift too far because the lagoon next to Mahogany Bay is known to have crocodiles.

The Resort Pool on Mahogany Bay

If you love swimming, then the large, pristine, rectangular swimming pool is where you should be swimming laps throughout your stay.

The pool is as comfy as it gets with waiters on the ground to take your orders, lounge chairs, and electrical outlets for your phones, cameras, laptops, and other devices, as well as rental cabana areas. 

The Gym

Mahogany bay doesn’t leave anything out or forget even the most minute need of the vacationer, which you can see from the fact that a gym is also available on the property for fitness lovers. The gym is portable and compact, and it houses all the necessary equipment for your daily fitness routines.

Yoga? Check. You can get yoga classes thrice a week at the resort, although that’ll cost you extra, apart from the resort fee.

You’ll also find a full spa with skillful hands at your service offering a range of services from body treatments to massages, pedicures, and manicures, as well as facials.

The Rooms and Units

At the end of every touring session, you will return to your room. The question is, will you like what you see? Absolutely!

The rooms are airy, spacious, and comfortable, with lots of windows, white-washed wood, and contemporary furniture, delivering a cottage vibe that you’ll love. Most of the rooms at Mahogany bay have front porches or screened-in back porches, or even both. 

No matter the size of the unit, comfort isn’t compromised. That’s why you’ll find a kitchen in every room. While the small units have smaller kitchens, the large villas boast a spacious, well-stocked gourmet kitchen with a beautiful island situated smack in the middle.

Don’t be deceived by the term ‘small’ because even the smallest rooms at Mahogany Bay Belize have two queen beds or a king bed, a kitchenette, a desk area, a large bath area with an open-air shower, and even a screened porch.

As if that’s not comfortable enough, the two-bedroom townhouse has everything in larger sizes, so much more space, as well as lounging areas for you and your partner or family to relax. 

What if you’re coming with a few more people? The units with three or four bedrooms are perfect for you. One of the bedrooms sports a bunk bed for kids, and you’ll also find a lap pool in addition to the 2,160 square feet of living space you already enjoy.


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