How to knit a Dog Sweater?

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How to knit a Dog Sweater? - The coolest DIY knitting tutorials for Dog Sweaters.

Do dogs have thick fur? Not necessarily. Even our little four-legged friends sometimes get cold in icy temperatures. Older dogs and puppies are particularly susceptible to colds. So why not treat your dog to the same luxury you give yourself by knitting a cozy dog sweater for him?

Why do some dogs need a dog sweater?

Indeed, dog sweaters are known to divide the owner scene. Some love the little sweaters; others laugh about them – after all, dogs have fur, and therefore you don’t need to dress them. But what may seem so silly to some often has a serious background!

Domesticated dogs are adapted to living in warm homes and therefore often no longer need a thick coat to survive. Especially “close to the ground” dogs like dachshunds freeze easily on their bellies in cold temperatures, and therefore one should not laugh at all dressed dogs. Often a dog sweater is essential for some dogs!

Of course, dog sweaters also have a visual effect, but primarily they should keep the dog warm so that he does not catch a cold or an existing disease worsens in cold temperatures.

For this reason, dog sweaters are also worn less by large dogs with thick fur but are generally intended for small dogs, dogs with thin fur or puppies whose fur on the belly is not yet present.

However, in many cases, dog clothes are designed to cover the back, but there are only one or two narrow straps on the belly.

Therefore, we have selected knitting instructions for dog sweaters in which the belly of the dog is also covered! Now the dog owners can grab knitting needles and wool and knit themselves an individual dog sweater for their four-legged friend.

What Wool to choose for a perfect warming dog sweater?

For knitting a dog sweater, you should definitely choose a suitable type of wool. The Material should be as robust as possible since our little four-legged friends often play and roll around on the ground!

Since the dog sweater is worn over the fur, the wool needs to have good thermoregulating properties so that no heat accumulation occurs.

Avoiding the dog sweater needs to be washed too often; it is also advantageous if the wool does not take on any odors and repels dirt.

Who likes it very exclusive and particularly robust can use yak wool, but also merino wool is a popular material for dog sweaters.

Make sure that the dog sweater has the perfect size!

To knit a dog sweater, you should first measure how long and wide the back, how big the chest circumference, and how long the distance between the dog’s front and back legs is.

A stitch gauge is then used to determine how many stitches and rows are needed in each case. Measuring twice is better than cutting once – take just as much care when measuring for the dog’s sweater:

It is best to measure once around the neck to the lowest point of the chest first. The desired length is best measured at the belly.

Also, make sure that the leg cutouts are not too tight and possibly constrict.A dog sweater should fit snugly but not too tight.

The dog sweater should also be comfortable to put on and take off, so the walk doesn’t start with a fight over getting dressed between you and the dog. It is also possible to knit a dog sweater with Velcro or snaps.

With these hints in mind, you can get creative even when it comes to the dog sweater’s color and shape. As long as your dog doesn’t think it is a runway model, he won’t care how you accessorize him. He will simply enjoy extra attention and warmth in the cold season!

Need some inspiration? - Check out some video tutorials for Knitting Dogs Sweaters!

Easy Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern | Happy Knitter

DIY Stylish Knit Dog Sweater for Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large Dogs | Marly Bird

Handmade Knitted Merino Wool Christmas Dog Jumper | Rubix81

How to Knit a Dog Sweater? – Knitting Patterns for Dog Sweaters

If you are still a beginner in knitting and do not dare to knit a sweater for children or adults, a dog sweater is exactly the right exercise for you! You can practice the similar skills you need for a larger sweater, but you’ll finish faster, and if something goes wrong, the time and material costs are not so high.

Best Knitting Pattern for Dog Sweaters

We have therefore selected a few knitting patterns for dog sweaters that are specifically for beginners. We also  know that when someone decides to knit a dog sweater, he or she does it with great passion and love for his best friend.

We have done a lot of research to find the best dog sweater knitting patterns on the internet. These free knitting patterns for dog sweaters are really well done and valuable tutorials. They protect your best friend from extreme cold and harsh wind- at the same time, they are very pet friendly – so your dog will also feel comfortable inside these dog sweaters.

Whether as a Christmas gift for dogs of friends, kids or relatives, or you just want something special for your dog in winter. We really hope you will love some of these selected patterns.

We wish you much pleasure in knitting one of these dog sweaters.


This dog sweater may not be to everyone’s taste. But if someone loves eye-catching colors, it is just the right thing for the holidays.

This clever model is tricolor and has a red-brown striped turtleneck with buttons at the neck
and also in the chest area

Therefore, the on and off does not cause any problem.
The knitting patterns are for size dar for easy dressing. The knitting pattern is available for sizes XS – L.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate + +

The Hooded Dog Coat Knitting Pattern

Especially because of the cool style, many people love these comfortable hoodies – you can quickly cover your head in the rain or wind.

Maybe you should consider this cool look for your four-legged friend? With a hoodie, your companion will surely attract the glances of many a dog lady.

The cap is also not just a dummy, but you can use it to cover your dog’s head in case of sudden bad weather. Your best friend will love this dog hoodie.

In the instructions are descriptions for sizes from sizes S-XL.
You can knit it with Bernat Super Value yarn or even with durable merino wool – then you will have an easy to care for and extremely durable garment.

Level of difficulty: Beginners +

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Simple Buster Dog Coat in Berroco Vintage

Quite simple but a cheeky and neat looking dog sweater in dark red. This V-neck button down dog sweater is actually quite subtle but still an eye-catcher.

It is designed especially for dogs with a rather large chest in relation to body size. This dog sweater is easy to slip over and keeps your four-legged friend warm on cold winter days when going for a walk.

The dog sweater is knitted in 4 parts, and the pattern is also suitable for beginners in knitting.

Level of difficulty: Beginner + 

Lion Brand - Amazing Proud Puppy Sweater

This Sweater is specially designed for proud little puppies—a noticeable yet subtle striped pattern in very nicely coordinated shades.

The turtleneck gives this Sweater a very nice touch – so it clearly stands out from commercially available dog sweaters!

You start knitting this turtleneck sweater at the neck and then knit it in one piece.

Size: S-M

Level of difficulty: Beginners +

No Bones About It - Dog Sweater

Here comes a classy lady in black and white – A lightweight overcoat for walking in cold weather.

The front feet are slightly accentuated, and the braids at the back give the piece an extra classy touch.

Even knitting is a bit of a challenge for beginners – you will still have fun with it.

Enjoy Knitting

Sizes XS-XL

Level of difficulty: Intermediate + +

Life is Rough - Dog Sweater

Also, this sweater is especially suitable for puppies whose fur is not yet warm enough for the cold season.

Make your four-legged friend the joy and knit him this beautiful orange dog sweater – Especially if for the cold temperatures yet not robust enough!

Especially because the time required for this easy to knit dog sweater is not very large. A small brown button sewn under the ruff and finished is the masterpiece.

Sizes XS-XL

Level of difficulty: Beginners +

Cowichan Style - Dog Coat

Cowichan knitting is characteristic of the Cowichan people of southeastern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The distinctively patterned Cowichan sweaters, popular with British Columbians and tourists, can now adorn your four-legged friend.

With this dog sweater in beautiful Chowichan pattern with these natural colors your four-legged friend is perfectly equipped for the cold season.

Enjoy Knitting

Sizes S /M/ L

Level of difficulty: Intermediate + +

Green Forest - Dog coat

Here comes a beautiful and straightforward knitting pattern for a charming little dog coat, perfect for walking in the woods with your four-legged friend in the winter months.

The knitting pattern can be adapted to all sizes and is especially suitable for beginners. It also requires only two different colors of wool.

Make yourself and your dog a pleasure, and try this discreet dog coat to knit.

Sizes: variabel XS-XL

Level of difficulty: Beginners +

Red Clifford Dog Sweater

Here is a stylish chimney red basket weave knitting pattern especially for slightly larger four-legged friends. Because of the different sizes, you should take a closer look at this knitting pattern before you decide to knit it.

On the side are buttons attached so that the dog sweater is easy to slip over. This dog coat fits perfectly with any fashionable four-legged friend.

The description is for the smallest size but can be adapted to all sizes. Take your dog’s measurements carefully and match them with the diagram in the instructions.

Enjoy Knitting

Sizes M /L/ XL

Level of difficulty: Intermediate + +


Have your dog accompany your kids to the next Halloween party, then we have something special for you here too.

With this dog sweater with a pirate skull motif, every dog will be the star of the party – the perfect homemade Halloween costume.

The pattern is in stockinette stitch, and the instructions describe the sizes from XS – L.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate  ++

With these great instructions on how to knit a dog sweater, your little four-legged friend will never again feel too cold in the winter month.

Especially smaller dogs that spend a lot of time indoors and also puppies are particularly sensitive and should therefore be protected from the especially from the cold.

Dog sweaters comic

An exactly fitting dog sweater is also difficult to find in a store, and also much that is ordered from online retailers most times does not fit exactly. Fortunately, you can help a little yourself.

If you did not find a pattern you like for your dog here, you would find many more knitting instructions for dog sweaters on the Internet.

Now just get needles and the right wool, and you can get started. So your little darling will soon become a true individual trendsetter!

Enjoy Knitting your first dog sweater!

How to knit a dog sweater?

What are the Benefits of using Merino Wool for a dog sweater?

  • fluffy soft and fine fibers
  • elastic material
  • long lasting
  • does not scratch
  • warming and breathable
  • sustainable fiber
  • dirt repellent
  • does not retain any odors
  • transports moisture
  • can absorb up to one third of its dry weight in moisture,

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