Autumn is the season of many great options for home decor. It is also the season when nature provides entertainment for children. Leaves, chestnuts, acorns – they can all be used creatively. As a result, kids won’t get bored if they have to stay at home. Autumn crafts are also an excellent option for those who want to liven up their interior. Nothing can create such a fantastic atmosphere in a room as autumn decorations.

Autumn handicraft - dried flowers

Crafting in Autumn with Natural Materials

Leaves, chestnuts, acorns, branches, pumpkins – in autumn, there are many natural materials to craft with. During a walk in the forest, you or your child can collect many natural materials with which you can later make beautiful decorations together for the fall.

Dried flowers – DIY autumn decorations for everyone

Do you want to bring a fall atmosphere into your home but have no idea how to do it and no time to make homemade fall decorations? Fall decorations don’t have to take as long as they seem. Dried flowers make beautiful decorations and don’t require too much effort. Just pick some flowers in your garden or buy them at a nearby flower store. It is important to spread them out in a dry place. You can place a piece of cardboard underneath. Depending on the species, the plants can dry even up to a month, so start early.

If you want to create an additional effect – paint your dried flowers fall decorations in different colors. You can use spray paint, which will take only a few minutes.

woman decorating giftz with dried flowers

Table wreath made from natural materials

Small rose hips are great for fall crafting because they have a vibrant color and stay beautiful for a long time even when dried. For a table or door wreath you need:

  • A few branches of mini rose hips
  • Thin wire
  • Garden shears
  • A thread for hanging
  • Optional: Willow wreath blank


  1. Shorten the rose hips so that the stems are still about 8 cm long.
  2. Now take a few rose hips at a time and tie them with some wire into tight bundles.
  3. Now always place the bundles on top of each other so that they overlap slightly – this way, no stems are visible at the end, only the berries.
  4. Tip: A thin bamboo ring (e.g., from I am Creative) or metal ring (e.g., from Depot) makes tying even easier.
  5. Finally, you can attach the wreath to a string or ribbon and hang it on the door or a window. Otherwise, it also makes a great autumnal table decoration.

An Ornamental Jar – simple autumn decoration for DIY

Those who want to have fall decorations at home, but do not have too much time for them, could use an arrangement with a jar. What is needed for this? Simply prepare:

  • a medium-sized jar,
  • a plate,
  • an ornamental ribbon in a chosen color,
  • Autumn leaves,
  • dried twigs,
  • pinecones.

Spread a few leaves on the plate. Place the glass in the center. You can add some pine cones and twigs if they fit on the plate. You can also put fall decorations or a candle in the jar. Choose a good-looking branch and some leaves and tie a ribbon around it to hold the decorations on the glass wall. In this way, you have created a very interesting arrangement.

Autumn lantern jars decorated with colorful autumn leaves.
Autumn lantern jars decorated with colorful autumn leaves.jpegAutumn lantern jars decorated with colorful leaves and heather wreath. – Candle inside.

Autumn crafts made of wool

Autumn decorations from wool are an option for more “advanced” crafters. You need to know at least the basics to make this type of decoration. If you have some experience in the making, for example, decorative tray cloths, toys and clothes made from wool, you will have no problem with this task.

Search the Internet on various websites for inspiration and patterns for those who make this type of decoration. This does not mean that you have to use already-designed layouts. You can also invent your own patterns. DIY fall crafts like small wool pumpkins or acorns are a very interesting option.

They perfectly match real leaves or branches.

wool toys hadicraft

Chestnut autumn handicraft

Horse chestnut or chestnut fall crafts are a perfect activity for children, although it is important to remember those fall decorations should be prepared under adult supervision. What are some ideas for chestnut crafts? You can make:

  • Human figures,
  • animals,
  • necklaces.

In fact, the possibilities are endless. Use your own imagination, as well as some elements that you certainly have in your home. Together you can make interesting case crafts that your child will show off at school. It will also be a nice souvenir for parents.

chestnut figure autumn
chestnut handicraft

Autumn crafts with pine cones

Pine cones are typically associated with Christmas. As it turns out, they can also be used in connection with fall decorations at home. How to do this? There are many ideas.

Pine cones can be used to create an interesting fall decoration – such as an arrangement on a log. It doesn’t take too much time. What is needed for this fall craft:

  • a tree trunk cut,
  • two pine cones,
  • a small glass container,
  • decorative sand,
  • small succulents in pots or candles,
  • a hot glue gun with sticks or all-purpose glue.

Simply attach the pine cones to the base with regular or hot glue. Place the glass container next to it and fill it with sand. Put the plant or a candle inside – a beautiful autumn decoration for your home!

pine cone fall handicrafts

Autumn crafts with children

Collecting colorful leaves, berries or nuts is a lot of fun for children in autumn especially when they can make something out of them.

Children don’t always need a template. They prefer to give free rein to their creativity and simply tinker with leaves, rose hips or nuts. In our picture gallery, you’ll find some inspiration for painting and crafting with autumn leaves and other natural materials.

This craft idea is fun even for the little ones and is wonderful as an autumn decoration for the nursery.

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