The Magic of Personalized Greeting Cards

What are the benefits of Personalized Greeting Cards

There’s a special kind of magic that happens when you put pencil to paper. This is exactly what happens when you give someone a personalized photo greeting card. It’s the little things, like the personal touches that make you feel like the giver was really thinking about you. It doesn’t even have to be anything particularly special, just some nice words and a meaningful photo and you’ve made someone’s day.

A customized photo greeting card is a great way to show people you care and it is quite affordable too.

custom photo cards

It makes the recipient feel truly special in a way that generic cards cannot. Apart from creating unique Christmas and birthday cards for your family and friends, you can also create personalized wedding thank you cards and wedding invitation cards. Personalized postcards will make your picture-perfect moments even more perfect.

A typical custom photo card includes a photograph attached by the sender along with some special words. Most people are likely to use their family members or pets for their customized photo cards, though any image can be used. Photo cards are particularly popular during the holidays, as they’re often used as family cards to keep friends and family informed about special occasions.

Photos can make personalized cards really personal, which is why you need to use photos that depict the message you want to send. Imagine how beautiful your family custom photo christmas cards will look with a photo of your family in matching alpaca sweaters. The alpaca fabric has a Christmas feel that is seldom found in other materials. It is soft and inviting in a way that makes you think of the holidays.

The most basic custom photo cards can be created by attaching a photographic print to a blank card. These blank cards can be gotten from stationery stores.

You can also run your card template through a photo printer to generate your custom cards from the comfort of your home. And if you want to make it even more personal, you can leave a blank space on the card interior to input a handwritten note.

Or you could choose to go with a photo card specialty company. These services afford you the opportunity of creating unique personalized photo cards with very little hassle.

This is achieved by sending the letters and images to the company for production. The company then prints the cards and provides envelopes to match. This service is offered by a number of internet companies, as well as local printing and stationery companies.

How to produce a personalized card?

Photo card designing services are a huge part of the personalized card industry. This is why most of the software used for the creation of these cards are easy to use. All you have to do is drag your content and drop it within the browser window or app.

Just drop the necessary words or pictures and you have yourself a professional finish. The best card designing services are the ones that offer an array of options without making the process complicated.

Digitizing your photos

Physically printed photos can be digitized for use for personalized photo cards. You don’t even have to cut the photo to size as it can be used without tampering with the photo. This is what digitization offers you.

This can be achieved by scanning the image onto a machine, before uploading it on the card service to be used for your card.

What to consider when ordering a personalized photo card

Like the name suggests, personalized photo cards are personal, so you might want to consider certain factors before making your choice. First you need to know what the card is for, then consider your budget and the quality you want, then the type of customization involved.


There’s nothing wrong with knocking out your cards in a few minutes with a few words and a pic, but some people might want to put a few thoughts into their cards rather than just filling out a template. This is why type of software should be considered when making a choice on which photo card service provider to go with.

You might also want to consider the quality of the paper. Neutral papers are great for most occasions, but there are certain events like weddings or certain business that require a glossy paper to give you that perfect finish.

You must also consider the size of the card. Shorter cards are preferable for personal needs, however you might want to consider a longer card for informal occasions.

Whether you chose to make it yourself or use a specialized company, at the end of the day, we all want to make the people that matter feel special whenever we can and in whichever way we can, and a personalized photo greeting card is one way to achieve that.

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