Hiking with Merino Wool - Packing list for a four to five day trekking tour

Packing list for a 4-5 day Trekking Tour

Discovering the world in hiking boots is an extraordinary adventure. Walking takes you to places you wouldn’t otherwise reach, and you also get a little closer to yourself with every step.

Some hiking trails are challenging, make you sweat and push you to your physical limits. However, in the end, pure happiness is always waiting for you. Sometimes also a delicious meal with a hearty beer!

That’s why a packing list for hiking is essential so that you arrive at your destination happy and satisfied without any troubles or being completely soaked.

Whether it’s a weekend tour, a long-distance hike or a multi-day trek in the mountains – in our packing list, you’ll find everything you need for a multi-day tour with an overnight stay in a hut. In addition, we give some tips on changing clothes and backpack weight and other important information.

With this packing list you are perfectly prepared for your next hiking trip!

The most essential things for a successful hike

All equipment and clothing you need for your hiking tour

  • Devold Sport Hoodie – Merino Wool

  • Merino Baselayer

  • Merino Cold Weather Base

  • Sun Protection Hoodie

  • Swisswool Fleece light


optional for cold or rainy weather


Technique & Maps

CANWAY Sleeping Bag with Compression

For the overnight stay

  • Travel Wash Bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, sunscreen, lip protection …
  • Items for personal use such as Medicines
  • Travel Towel
  • Travel Detergent
  • Flashlight/Headlamp
  • Plastic Bag for garbage/dirty laundry
  • Playing cards for entertainment in the evening

  • If camping, of course, do not forget
    Sleeping Pad
    Sleeping bag suitable for weather conditions
    Crockery and cutlery
Best Hiking Outfits

Food & Accessories

Lightweight Inflatable Travel Cushion

Health & First Aid

Documents & Others

  • Passport, Insurance Card
  • Vaccination card
  • Cash / Credit Card

  • Swimming shorts/bikini for the mountain lake
  • Weather report

What to consider when choosing a backpack for a multi-day hike

With the vast selection of hiking backpacks nowadays, it’s easy to lose track. The choice of the right hiking backpack is an essential point in the preparation of your multi-day tour.

Basically, a distinction is made between three hiking backpack models:

  1. Hiking Backpacks for day hikes up to 30 L
  2. Touring Backpacks for multi-day tours between 40L and 50L
  3. Trekking Backpacks for multi-week trekking tours over 50L

How much weight can the hiking backpack have?

As for ordinary hiking tours, the packing list must be adapted to the individual requirements, the weather and the respective tour and duration.

For a four to five-day hiking tour: save weight wherever possible! You will need less for an overnight stay in a hut than you think, and with increasing experience, you will learn to do without excessive equipment and spare clothing.

The first time probably everyone takes too much, so you should consciously consider what you need and what you don’t.

As a rule, it is recommended to reduce the weight to around eight kilograms to max. twelve kilograms.

But of course, this also depends on the weather conditions and the number of days you will hike.

functional hiking cloth

Tip: Try out your luggage on a smaller multi-day tour. Then you will quickly realize what you can leave at home and what you are willing to carry.

Important questions about design and functionality of the hiking backpack

The model and size and the extras and materials of the backpack play an essential role. But the most important thing is that your hiking backpack fits you perfectly.

That you can wear it even fully packed without pressure points and pain. For example, there are also models specifically for women!

Make sure your hiking backpack:

  • fits you perfectly and is adjusted to you
  • is padded at the waist and shoulder straps
  • leaves your back as free as possible (Air Circulation)
  • has a separable main compartment with a bottom compartment and an additional lid compartment
  • has zipper pockets or mesh pockets on the sides
  • at best also offers a smaller zipper pocket on the hip belt
  • has compression straps on the sides
  • is made of robust and water-repellent materials
  • offers enough fastening possibilities for tent, hiking poles and Co. on the outside
  • weighs little and has a size of about 40 liters
  • offers an additional rain cover

  • Deuter Women’s Aircontact Lite 35+10 Sl

  • Deuter Futura PRO 36 Backpack

  • Gregory Mountain Products Zulu 40

  • Osprey Kestrel 38 Men’s Hiking Backpack

Tip: Try out your luggage on a smaller multi-day tour. Then you will quickly realize what you can leave at home and what you are willing to carry.




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More important tips for a multi-day trekking tour

Check out the details and route of your multi-day hike:

Before you take care of your equipment, you should inform yourself in detail about your chosen hiking route. Your hiking route also influences your packing list and determines what belongs in your hiking backpack and what can stay at home!

On the one hand, you should know the exact course and difficulty level of the hiking route. On the other hand, you also need to know whether you will pass huts with refreshment and accommodation facilities on your hike and whether there are sufficient drinking water sources.

What is Important to Know About Your Hiking Route:

  • Is there refreshment stops on the trail, or do I have to be completely self-sufficient during my hike?
  • Are there overnight accommodations on the trail, or will I have to camp during my hike?
    Are there shelters available along the trail, or am I hiking through a wild and remote region?
  • Are there good drinking water sources along my hiking route, or will I need to provide all my water for my hike?
  • Will I have cell phone reception on my hike, or will I need an SOS radio?
    Is it a hike with dangerous spots, and do I, therefore, need special equipment for climbing or glacier crossings?
Hiking to Salkantay Pass

Packing list hiking: equip yourself with functional clothing and dress according to the onion principle

On a shorter day hike in easy terrain, the clothing and footwear may not make much difference. But on a multi-day tour, you feel the benefits of functional clothing very quickly. That, of course, especially in rugged terrain!

So invest in some functional clothes and get yourself a nice hiking outfit. When choosing your clothes, make sure that they are made of light, quick-drying and breathable materials and functional. With zip-off pants, for example, you have two pieces of clothing in one!

In addition to a good pair of Hiking Pants or Leggings, a Functional Shirt* – we recommend Merino Wool is important. Also, a Fleece Jacket and a Rain jacket are essential.

In addition, you should always dress according to the onion principle when hiking and wear different functional layers. Then, depending on the weather and whether you are warm or cold, you can take off or put on a layer.

These are the different functional layers:

  • the base layer keeps you warm and dry (functional shirts and shirts)
  • a mid-layer serves as insulation (fleece and down jackets)
  • the shell layer protects against wind, rain and snow (rain jacket )and pants.

When choosing your hiking boots, the most important thing is that they fit you perfectly. In addition, you can also choose here between different models.

From light hiking shoes for easy hikes to sturdy mountain boots for alpine terrain. There is a suitable hiking boot available for every hiking route and experience!

Merino wool has many advantages and is perfect for hiking. Why? Merino underwear and merino sweaters dry quickly, even if you sweat a lot. Perfect for a mountain tour. In addition, merino wool does not smell, so you can wear the clothes for a long time without washing them. Merino Baselayer feels soft and cuddly warm on the skin.

How much change of clothes do I need for a multi-day hiking trip

On multi-day hiking trips – be it a mountain tour, a long-distance hiking trail or a pilgrimage hike – you should always pack a sufficient change of clothes.

A general statement about how many shirts etc. you have to take with you is very difficult and depends on factors like

  • Type of accommodation (Can I wash there?)
  • own demands (How clean do I want to be on the road?)
  • Type and length of the tour (Do I have to save every gram of weight?)
  • and the weather (Do I have to change clothes more often on the way?)

In principle, I would recommend putting at least three shirts and three sets of underwear (preferably merino wool) on the packing list for multi-day tours.

Tip: Functional clothing of merino wool takes almost no sweat smell and is dirt repellent often. Only airing out in the fresh air is enough!

Besides the Packing List - Arrive Safely And Be Considerate

In addition to the packing list for the hiking trip, there are some points that I would like to recommend to everyone on a multi-day hike, particularly:

  • Keep order in your backpack! This already starts with packing – you should think about a concept and use the different compartments in the backpack sensibly. This means: things you only need once a day (in the evening at the hut) don’t have to block the way to the water bottle. On the other hand, it makes sense to place equipment such as the rain jacket to be within easy reach (for example, in the bottom compartment of the backpack).
  • Pay attention to comfort! The backpack should fit well, and the shoes should be well broken in and not create blisters. The shirt should not rub, and the sunglasses should not slip all the time – this also brings us directly to the next tip:
  • No experiments on a multi-day tour! While you can still manage a day tour well with one or the other problem, this can become unpleasant and dangerous on multi-day hikes, such as a hut tour.
    Therefore, do not set out on a seven-day hike with new shoes, a completely new backpack or otherwise untested equipment – otherwise it can quickly end after one day.
  • Show consideration! This motto applies everywhere in the mountains – and especially in the narrow and often very crowded huts. Everyone has had a more or less exhausting day and has to get out again the following day. Therefore, one should adhere to the general hut rules such as night rest and careful interaction.
  • Take garbage back with you! Especially on multi-day hikes, you produce quite a bit of waste with cereal bars, etc. – and this doesn’t belong in the mountains (and not on the hut) but must be disposed of in the valley.
    Depending on the choice of route, some additional equipment is, of course, sometimes necessary! For example, if you are going on a high-altitude tour or individual huts are connected via ferrata.
    In these cases, it is even more important to pay attention to weight optimization because you can not save on an essential part of the equipment (harness, helmet, carabiners)!

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