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Please see also the सेवा की शर्तें तथा गोपनीयता नीति which govern the use of this website. This affiliate disclosure details affiliate relationships that Equipboard.com has with other companies and products.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, we want to disclose that some of the links found on Worlds-Finest-Wool.com (both text and image links) are affiliate links. This means that World’s-Finest-Wool receives a small commission from sales of certain items, but the price is the same for you.

World’s-Finest-Wool is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Pages on this site may include affiliate links to Amazon and its affiliate sites on which the owners of this website will make a referral commission. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

What’s an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is like any normal link on the Web, except it contains a tracking code so that the affiliate network can determine that a click to the merchant came from Worlds-Finest-Wool.com. If a sale is generated as a result of the click, World’s-Finest-Wool is paid a small affiliate fee (provided the item is eligible for a commission). It’s important to note that the price for you does not change. There is no additional cost to you, this is just a way for merchants to reward Worlds-Finest-Wool.com for sending customers their way and making a sale.

To illustrate, the following is an affiliate link to a product on Amazon or gives you a corresponding indication of an affiliate link:

*sponsored link



 * प्रकटीकरण: एस्टरिक्स के साथ चिह्नित लिंक या दुनिया के बेहतरीन-वूल पर कुछ चित्र लिंक संबद्ध लिंक हैं। 

हमारा सारा काम पाठक समर्थित है - जब आप हमारी साइट पर लिंक के माध्यम से खरीदते हैं, तो हम एक संबद्ध कमीशन कमा सकते हैं। निर्णय आपका है - आप कुछ खरीदने का निर्णय लेते हैं या नहीं, यह पूरी तरह आप पर निर्भर है।

What Affiliate Programs does  Worlds-Finest-Wool.com participate In?

World’s-Finest-Wool participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

We always put the best interest of you, (the visitor ow worlds-finest-wool.com) first. This means:

  • We only work with affiliate programs where we feel the merchants provide a pleasant and trustworthy shopping and customer service experience.
  • If we accept any product for free and do a review for it, we will disclose this info.
  • We maintain editorial independence from our business operations, meaning that we will recommend and link to products based on their merits, as opposed to the potential for an affiliate commission. Read more about our Product Review & Gear Testing Guidelines.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


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