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Wool is a natural fiber with a great story to tell. History, geography, ecology, crafts, and fashion all come together and define the realm of wool.The world’s finest fibers are intertwined with the progress of our civilization. They signify warmth and softness and honoring the best that nature has to offer.

Join us on a journey to the origins and the history of the noblest wool varieties.

Information about the World’s Finest Wool that is both inspirational and useful for wool enthusiasts

Most people instantly associate cashmere with exclusive and precious wool!
The soft cashmere wool is obtained from the fine undercoat of the cashmere goat, which is native to the Himalayas.

Cashmere is characterized by its lightweight and its pleasant warming comfort. The finest hair has a diameter of only 14 - 22 microns.
Finest Wool
Alpaca wool is becoming more and more popular.
Whether as sweaters, socks, or blankets - the wool is tear-resistant, moisture, and dirt repellent. The high wearing comfort is due to the fine fibers - especially in the Baby Royal and Baby Alpaca quality class.

People allergic to wool can also wear clothing made of alpaca. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin - also known as wool wax.
The most expensive fiber in the world!
The Vicuña is the only species of the genus Vicugña and belongs to the camel family. It is similar to the guanaco but is smaller and slimmer. It lives in the high Andes of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile at up to 5,500m.

The coat is much finer than that of related species, and the fiber is 12.5 microns, making it one of the finest and most exclusive types of wool.
Vicuna the world's finest wool

The finest and rarest natural fibers in the world

Let’s visit faraway places, explore exceptional varieties of fine fiber, and learn how to craft garments that are delicate, unique, and beautiful by nature. This is our enchanting journey to the World of Fine Wool.

Discover the amazing places around the world where you can find the finest wools. Learn about the animals and about the dedicated people who take care of them and harvest the raw wool. Learn how they live and what ceremonies mark this way of life.

Explore all the varieties of the most precious yarns in the world. Learn about the most expensive types of wool in the world, what makes them so valuable, their attributes, and their fine characteristics.

Visit the world of spinning wheels and learn how to create your own yarn and your own works of woollen art. Feel the rewarding and calming effects of crafting your fabric and holding a raw natural commodity in your hands.

Softness is the emblematic quality of fine wool. Through the years, fine wool remains an integral part of the creation of iconic garments. It is very elastic with great insulation properties and it is perfect for the most delicate garments like shawls and scarves and babywear.

Outdoor - Fashion

All you need to know about Winter Fashion and Outdoor Apparel.
The Best Fine Wool Choices for Men and Women.

Read the story of how some of the world's most beautiful fabrics are created


The luxurious fabric that is the most coveted in the world. Despite its price tag, it’s always on top of the wish-list because of its unique attributes, its warmth, and softness on the skin.


Alpaca wool is luxurious, soft, and warm. Its fibers are hollow, making it an excellent choice for clothing both during winter and summer.


Merino is world-leading wool due to its incompatible quality. It is highly praised and highly sought after thanks to its exceptional properties.


Produced form the Angora goat, mohair is a fine wool that is incredibly soft and ideal for people with sensitive skin. Mohair fibers are lightweight and perfect to use for vibrant colors.

Inspiring passion for fine wool

The World’s Finest Wool is a website created to inspire passion for the unsurpassed wools used around the world. It presents not only the exquisite fibers themselves but also the geographical and environmental conditions of each region. The harvest of wool has a prominent role in the local communities and people are dedicated to their work. They protect and respect their herds and value the rare commodity they produce. Learning about the intriguing origins of wool is learning about the history of our world and our civilization.

More exclusive wool

Merino sheep belong to the class of fine wool sheep and owes its name to the Berber dynasty of the Marinids.
Merino Wool is very elastic and of high quality and can absorb up to 33% of its dry weight in water without feeling damp

Especially functional underwear and outdoor apparel is made of merino.
The Angora Goat
Angora Wool
The Angora Rabbit
Camel Hair
The Musk Ox
guanaco wool
Yak Wool
Black Yak
Icelandic sheep wool
Icelandic sheep wool
Icelandic Sheeps volcanic background
Shetland Wool
Shetland Wool

Raising awareness

The World’s Finest Wool aims to raise awareness of wool as a planet-friendly fiber that is entirely natural, biodegradable and renewable. With unique eco-credentials, the world’s finest wool is championing the protection of the natural environment. It also safeguards the traditions of the local communities of the farmers and nomadic shepherds that care for the animals.

Thank you for visiting the World’s Finest Wool and reading the story of how some of the world’s most exquisite fabrics are created.


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